Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 8: Change of Heart



Yuuta and Sora meet up with Raika, Nimura and Sako to look for a new place to stay in, however the one they eventually find somewhat suitable requires Yuuta to take on yet another job. After Hina and Miu run into Sawako and end up at her house, Yuuta comes along to ask for an extension to his leaving time, only to be told that he’s being allowed to stay.


I dunno about you, but I thought that the entirety of this episode would have looked very fitting for the end of the series, with Yuuta riding on his bike like that and proclaiming to overcome any future challenges he would have. Given that we have a good four episodes left though, it would make sense to get started on what I think is the next main arc, on school life for Sora and Miu.

Once again, Papakiki manages to make me feel uncomfortable watching Hina cry yet again – in my mind I was screaming “Do something already!” While part of me isn’t very impressed at Hina’s resilience, the other part is in full agreement of the fact that you do not make little girls cry, for whatever reason. I would never have guessed that Sawako would be a total sucker for cuteness similar to how Raika’s all hung up over Sora, and anyone could have predicted from there that Hina would be a main factor in convincing Sawako to let Yuuta and the girls stay. I actually cringed when Hina managed to spill her ice cream all over Sawako’s clothes, given her rather er…easily provoked nature I would have thought they’d dig themselves into an even deeper hole. Gotta love how the random obaa-san turned out to be Sawako’s mother – looks like that family in particular is all over Hina and her cuteness xD

She’s far too strict, even for a landlady – following the rules to such a degree that she’s willing to kick out a poor college student struggling to work multiple part-time jobs for his nieces. Yes, Yuuta’s amazing as he is, but even he isn’t invincible to the ups and downs of everyday life. I’m not sure how it even worked out in the end – at this point I’m guessing that once Yuuta drops off Sora and Miu, he goes with Hina to daycare then travels to college/work. Even so, where does all the money come from? o.O Things have worked out so far because it was the summer holidays, but I expect things to get more hectic from here on, which is definitely another charm of the show.

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