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Well that was kind of disappointing for the lack of plot development, but it’s not entirely bad that Tsubasa was well, technically able to complete her development. She has now accepted the offer of performing abroad and thinking about taking actions for herself rather than others.
Ah, speaking of Tsubasa’s concert, the whole consequence wasn’t too bad, but it certainly wasn’t the best. The song on the other hand was great, I loved it.
Actually that reminds me, I was surprised that the Noise didn’t attack, perhaps it was being the place was rebuilt to be soundproof?/DUCKS . I mean, they are attracted to sounds with HIGH VOLUME.
It was good to see Hibiki have enough confidence to be able to handle the fight on her own so that Tsubasa can focus on her concert- although Chris was in the same area since she was there first.
Chris is still confused about who she could trust and who are her enemies. Well I suppose this is a good thing since realistically speaking, it’d take a while to come around and trust the enemy.
It was nice of Genjurou to look out for Chris and bring her food and such when she has no one to rely on.
Overall this was a terribly boring episode. The performance was really the only highlight. :\


Episode 10: What the hell?

Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one here who felt there was something completely off about this episode.
First of all, while it was obvious for some people (if not all) that Ryoko and Fine are the same person- or so implies to be, they really just threw it out of blue in the beginning of the episode. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it just… something was completely off about it. Something didn’t make sense, or more accurately something didn’t fit with what’s going on. Here I was sitting back in my seat with this confused and questionable look on my face, shaking my head going, “What the hell?”
It sucks that there was great action this episode, but I couldn’t enjoy it. Not one little bit.
So the Tokyo Tower was indeed a trap to preoccupy the three girls and drag them away from the Academy. Ryoko built the base, so it’d be a piece of cake to penatrate with her Noise army. Miku is in danger along with everyone else, I bet the school will be in ruins by the time they return- somehow I actually saw this coming because think about it; we’ve been told that there’s ancient relics within the ‘Abyss’ that is under the Academy itself, including the headquaters.

I hope Genjurou will survive this. He’s been so good to Chris and is her first step to come around and start trusting people- adults in paritcular. Honestly speaking, I’m half expecting him to adopt her.
Two episodes remain, and Hibiki’s death is to arrive at some point. She’ll either die within the next episode (and turn out not actually dead), or permanently die in the finale. I just hope things will unfold smoothly and won’t be as strange as this episode turned out to be.

Oh yeah:
Flustered Chris FTW


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  1. The Terminator came to take out Ryoko/Fine, LMAO xDD Apart from the fact that Ryoko was in the same building as Fine, the horrible Engrish pretty much confirms they’re the same person for me.
    Also tsundere Chris is tsundere ^^ “I-it’s not like I’m your comrade, or anything!”

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