Shakugan no Shana III Episode 21: Altering the Rules



Shana tells Yuuji and Sydonay that her plan wasn’t actually to stop the creation of Xanadu, but instead alter its rules a little bit so that the ideal of Tomogara consuming the existence of humans was forbidden. Elsewhere in Misaki City, battles continue to rage on, with the Three Gods of Earth being intercepted by stronger Tomogara and Sale/Chiara trying to bring down Dantalion.


Yeah, I didn’t think Shana would be able to break the World Egg/Hecate that easily with just one punch, but changing the spell to prevent Tomogara from consuming humans would be the most diplomatic answer. On the other hand I don’t really see how it would make them happy, since they live off consuming existence, which would discourage them from going to Xanadu if there was nothing to eat.  I don’t think they know yet though, with the hundreds of thousands all…flocking over to the tower.

With Chiara and Sale being merely supporting characters in a support role, I was surprised to see Sale’s character fleshed out even more than it was a few episodes ago – back at the airport, when he mentioned himself to be an artificially created Flame Haze, and therefore not having the same motive as the other generic Flame Hazes. Anyway, when you put it that way, it’s suddenly not as surprising anymore when you hear him call Dantalion his father, given his, err…eccentric nature in creating things – I’m sure an artificial Flame Haze wasn’t completely out of his capabilities. He did manage to create a FLEIA-like bomb (Code Geass) that gets rid of everything in its area after all. I wouldn’t be too sad to see him go, since I always have to check whether my volume is too loud whenever he starts shrieking xD He seems quite central to Xanadu’s creation (other than the building of the tower) so it makes sense that strong Tomogara turn up to stop Chiara and Sale.

Ribesal, Haborym and other noticeably different Tomogara (you know, since they actually look unique) are trying to stop the Three Gods too, but it’s unlikely they’ll get anywhere. In terms of their reasons for continuing to fight even after Shana changed the spell, Eastedge made some wise remark on how future Tomogara generations will look down on the current ones for eating humans, while Southvalley’s reason was more for personal gain than anything else. Westshore…just kept up that fake crying. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but these “Gods” seem more like one-trick ponies than high level Flame Haze, since they’ve only just shown one type of attack so far. Granted, you get more variety with melee types like Shana or sometimes Margery, since you see Rebecca and Khamsin attacking with one move too.

Pheles and Johann continue to be as mysterious as ever, and similar to their last appearance on top of the tower, they end up posing to us even more questions than answers, especially with the whole “hope” thing that Johann is trying to achieve. It’s obvious they don’t have any intention of interfering with Yuuji’s plan anymore, but I still don’t see exactly the extent of damage they caused, other than making Yuuji noticeably weaker and much less god-like. Actually the giant snake could probably wreak havoc, why isn’t it doing anything?

For some reason they look so family-like...

For some reason the Hyakki Yakou can’t get out of the Fuzetsu as easily as they think – though Pheles should have helped them out in that respect and taken them out along with herself and Johann. Because she didn’t, their van somehow ended up exploding in mid-air, with Yuuji and Shana just staring for the entire episode now. Also, Kazumi was inside ahahahaha. YESSSSSS  I’d like to remind you that she’s the only human there, even though we all know that she won’t die – you can tell they want to keep her alive after having her survive a Hougu that was supposed to kill humans.

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  1. I’m really starting to hate this show now. I really can’t root for the Flame Haze. They find the need to eradicate the current Generation of Tomogara because they would speak of current times. It just seems like a “holier than thou” situation to me, where the Flame Haze feel they are superior. Also, with a burning passion, I despise the Four (3 remaining) Gods of the Motherland. Especially the girl. THEY ARE F***ING CRAZY. I really am just waiting for the ending at this point…

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