Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 11: Goodbye

My heart…I…don’t even…@__@



The Ancient Dragon hibernates to accumulate the power increase it got from eating the Pope, and Louise gets an idea to find a fighter plane in Saito’s world to take down the Ancient Dragon using missiles. When Louise opens the World’s Door to Saito’s world, she pushes him through and closes it, saying goodbye and refusing to allow him to deal with the affairs of a world he shouldn’t be involved in.


…Hey guys, remember I said we had a real emotionally shocking episode last week?




I don’t…oh wow. I should have totally seen it coming from the nostalgic, melancholy music playing just before she smiled…SO PAINFULLY at Saito before it closed. I thought losing Derflinger was bad, but to watch Louise and Saito get forcefully split apart back into their own worlds was just shocking. They’ve been together since Episode 1, Season 1, back when this show was still a light-hearted comedy. Amidst all the ecchi, they’ve been through so much together, and now? They get SEPARATED because of some fucking world crisis that would end up in him dying if he stayed there. Oh god, I don’t think I can take it if Shana ends this way too. Look, can I just blame the Pope for dying and making the Ancient Dragon stronger?

The S2 Futatsuki no Kishi OP (Wedding Version) made its return again this time, except to show everyone banding together to combat the Ancient Dragon. Everyone that hasn’t even meant much to the show – Kirche, Montmorency, Guiche, even those Elemental Siblings all having such sincere looks that you would never have expected they could show a few seasons back. We now have the entire cast uniting for the first time to beat a common enemy – guys, do it for Saito. Do it for Derf. Do it so that Saito and Louise can see each other again. It’s Zero no Tsukaima, this show deserves a happy ending goddammit!

And Saito? He’s not doing too well back in Japan. I’m sure he feels more lost there than back in Halkeginia, and if time flows normally in both worlds then he was probably pronounced missing months ago. Do you think, after all he’s been through, he can just go back to Japan and live a normal life? The only way he can get back is if Tiffa or Louise re-summons him, but I don’t think either one of them are prepared to do that any time soon. OMG I still can’t believe this is happening…I need to punch something. Very hard.

I should be doing Shana next, but I need to digest this all a bit first. ‘Scuse me, time to drown my sorrows in some moe school shit. Also Tabitha in her royal outfit is hot, but this isn’t the time for this at all.

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    Really?! No, i mean REALLY?! I also thought the last episode was sad, way too sad, seeing Delf being shattered almost brought me to tears…. BUT THIS EPISODE, WAS WAY SADDER AND MORE EMOTIONAL THAN THE OTHER.The worst of it, was that i saw it coming,from the moment Louise heard the conversation and agreed to help with Saito’s plan to hijack a plane from his world. In the scene when they use Louise’s World Door I was like: “No, don’t let go of her hand Saitoooooo! DOOOOOOOOON’T!” And his expression after all that was just sad to see…
    The whole scene had just too much emotion in it, seriously, although they fought a lot during their relationship, you could see that they really loved each other, seeing they get split apart like this was a lot painful. Louise must have had a HARD time to make this decision, afterall, she loved him A LOT. But i was just thinking how Saito must have felt at that time: First, he lost Derflinger his best friend and partner through the last 4 seasons, and now, he “loses” the girl she loves… man, what emotional hell he must have felt, his voice when he was down in the alley crying seemed to show that. I must say, I cried in that scene, it was shocking and sad and my eyes got full of tears watching it. This episode had just TOO MUCH emotional moments, really.
    I must say also, i really liked that scene when everybody was preparing for the fight, it was really nostalgic hearing I Say Yes, the wedding version again in this season, it was a really touching scene seeing everyone united to fight a common evil enemy. 😀

    Anyway, it will be REALLY difficult for them to end it in one episode, there is just too much to finish( is it just me who thinks this season deservet AT LEAST, two cours( 24 episodes? I mean, they left so much out…))
    I REALLY hope it gets a Happy Ending( COME ON JC. STAFF, IT’S ZnT IT HAS TO GET A HAPPY ENDING).From the preview we can see Saito running and stuff, maybe the time flows differently in the different worlds, and he gets another eclipse that lets him come back(?). Just hope it ends in a Big Happy Ending, with Saito and Louise getting married and living together. They deserve it, they really do!!

    1. I think I knew from the start that it wasn’t realistic, gapping into Japan, somehow stealing a fighter plane and gapping back. Clinging on to the fact Saito still has his Gandalfr and Lifdrasil markings now.

      As unlikely as it’ll be, maybe they’ll have an hour special? And I dunno about the extension to two cours, since the last time we let JC Staff become complacent, they produced a trainwreck (aka Season 3). Too many of those extra eps would become filler.

      A Saito x Louise ending totally needs to happen, but I doubt the other haremettes will cooperate xD

      1. I know he has his Gandalfr runes at least, because i remember getting a glimpse from his hand in the last episode, my doubt is if its powers still works in this world. Hope he somehow gets back…

        Anyway, have to agree on Season 3 being kind of a trainwreck, with almost no progress on the plot/history. But the “fillers” on season 4, as far as i remember were on the LN as well( altough i have to say, they would have done better putting some more of the plot instead of them). I guess two cours would have been better because from what i read, they tried to compress almost 11 volumes worth of plot( half of the Light Novel) in just one cour, thus leaving quite a lot out. Well, as long as they end it well, its kind of fine i guess.
        A one hour special? That would be really awesome( and kind of necessary to don’t leave anything in a “hangcliff”), but it’s kind of unlikely to happen as you said yourself. Anyway, maybe even Derflinger will come back some way and we get a Full Happy Ending.
        I know the other girls probably won’t cooperate for a Saito X Louise ending but… IT HAS TO HAPPEN, JUST…HAS…TO! xD

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