Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 9: Heart of God



The group head over to Gallia to take part in Tabitha’s coronation as Queen, and Lukshana runs off to see the palace unattended, which might cause a problem if she were to be caught by the Pope or anyone with animosity against elves. When Saito shows his new familiar mark to the Pope, he identifies Saito as the Heart of God in addition to his Gandalfr powers, but what he doesn’t mention is that if he keeps on using this to transmit energy, he will eventually end up dying.


I kinda felt sorry for Louise all throughout the episode, with Tiffa clinging to Saito (or was it vice versa?) all the time. Being Tiffa’s familiar as well as Louise’s means that she doesn’t really have a unique claim to him over the other haremettes anymore, except that she’s the first master as well as being the only one that Saito loves. Hmm, I dunno…he seems awfully friendly with a large number of other girls. Like in the past though, we have Siesta and Louise teaming up to bring down the strong force is Tiffa, huge boobs and all. Lukshana does have a point – how did Louise win with those?

I thought it was a bad move for Guiche to be that hostile to the elves, since it’s obvious that there’s still some animosity between them even though they have an “arrangement” (more like Lukshana forcing Ari to go along with her). If the Pope or someone religious had caught them, then they’d be in a lot more trouble. It was mildly amusing to see Guiche and Ari getting along so well, though in Montmorency’s defence, Guiche was totally hitting on that maid girl. And every other girl he’s been flirting with throughout these four seasons.

Saito’s “Lifdrasil” power, or the Heart of God, makes him even more powered than what being the Gandalfr already gives him. In that sense, I’m glad that they gave it a risk like the possibility of Saito dying if he overuses it, since it brings things back to the more realistic side. Knowing ZnT though, it’ll probably become an incessant plot point that creates even more tension between everyone, with Louise not wanting to Saito to make the sacrifice, Saito being happy to make the sacrifice, and the Pope hiding this from everyone except Julio in case it makes Saito scared. Seriously, what a bastard! I thought there was supposed to be harmony and trust between the Void users – note how the last time Saito got into that trouble with Joseph, it was because of the Pope’s plotting as well.

Watch how Saito will end up in a situation where he needs Lifdrasil for some reason, and has to sacrifice himself for the greater good. And I bet it has something to do with the ominous sea of completely natural occurring erupting lava that looks anything but friendly.

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