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Kuroyukihime takes Haruyuki to a cafe where she tells him that there are six Level 9 players in Accel World, known as the “Six Kings of Pure Colour”. Because the requirement to make it to Level 10 needs a Level 9 player to beat the other five kings, with one loss un-installing Brain Burst, the kings make a peace treaty and refuse to continue fighting. Kuroyukihime reveals herself to be the seventh Black King, that had betrayed the others and killed the Red King before going into hiding. However recently, a person at school has discovered Kuroyukihime’s real identity and has begun stalking her, and she wants Haruyuki to find out who that is.


Haruyuki has a huge self-confidence problem. Seriously, switching schools just because he caused a scene at the front gate? Or rather, had two girls fight over him. Yes, that would probably seem odd to anyone watching coming to think of it. I think it’s more of how he presents himself and doesn’t react when people bully him, since he does have proper friends in Taku and Chiyuri, who have never had a problem with his appearance. Chiyu put it very bluntly though: “Haru, you will always have 2 friends!”

...And one hot love interest.

The whole idea behind reaching Level 10 and the methods to do it is pretty cruel, and immediately I drew some parallels with Kawahara Reki’s other work, Sword Art Online which also deals with gaming and the deeper society behind online games. In AW, the Burst Linkers at Level 9 have to slaughter all the other Level 9’s in order to reach Level 10 and meet the creator, finding out the true purpose of the game. In SAO, players have to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad in order to find out the reason behind why the insane creator would make an MMO that would fry your brain should you happen to die in-game.

In terms of AW and their decision to make a peace treaty, it was probably only a matter of time before either other ambitious Level 9’s appeared, or someone like Kuroyukihime chooses to go against the others. Someone would eventually get curious and want to find out – I bet all the kings were like that at some point too. In society, people start to have different ideals and full cooperation is near impossible, especially over the internet. It was clear from the start that she wasn’t a normal Burst Linker, though she must be low on points if she hasn’t fought anyone for the past 2 years.

If you look hard enough, it’s obvious who Cyan Pile is since all the right flags have showed up. Like Haruyuki, I agree that it can’t be Chiyuri – someone that kind could never want to take revenge on Kuroyukihime, or even think that using Brain Burst is morally right. Also, very sly of her to just happen to have only a really short direct link cable. I’m assuming direct linking is reserved for close friends or someone you’re in a relationship with, since it needs to be someone whom you can trust given that you have entire access to their memory.

So we know that the stalker isn’t someone at their school, but needs to have access to a student since they keep challenging Kuroyukihime. Chiyu has a random “back door” (I get what you mean, but not the choice of words I would have used) somewhere in her memory. Given that you can only easily put files into someone without them knowing through direct link, Cyan Pile has to be someone direct linking with Chiyu, using her as a student to get to Kuroyukihime. Also, Chiyu has a boyfriend called Taku. Yes, that Taku, the one that direct links with her using a 1 metre cable. Hmm, I WONDER WHO CYAN PILE COULD BE… COUGH COUGH

Yeah, totally not suspicious.
  • Side Note: It seems Accel World’s going down the Shana route of having the ED mix in with the ending of the ep, even more so that it’s Kotoko music. Really cool.

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