Area no Kishi Ep 13: The Booby Trap Formation

The Inter-High Qualifiers round has begun and Enoshima’s first opponent is Shonan High! Enoshima starts off with a 2-5-3 setup, as the coach calls it, “Booby Trap Formation”.

When Takase scored the header thanks to Kaoru’s pass, I jumped out of my seat and cheered, clapping my hands enthuasstically shouting, “YES! HE SCORED!” I found this to be really meaningful since the last episode and hearing a bit more about his backstory, and his conflicts he had with Kaoru. I am quite sure this is the beginning of their special tag team. I hope in the future they will be more plays that only these two can accomplish together.
Kakeru needs to break that habit of looking at the ground, and put an immediate stop to over thinking when he has to focus on protecting the ball. It’s during those times you need to depend and trust your instincts. If you have a lot of space and there’s no one around you to take it away from you, then you can lay out your options and make a move before its too late…. At least, that’s how I play the game. Natural instincts are my strong point, which is why defence is my strong point. If Kakeru can strengthen on that, he will most definitely become stronger, and even more of a threat.
Which is precisely why I am under the impression that his instincts are finally starting to kick in. He was able to take the ball away from Seven without even realizing how he had done it.
We’ll see how much he will be able to polish this technique within the next episode.
Araki is pushing himself, and thanks to that, he was able to play the entire game. Good for him! His fat is doing an excellent job of causing his opponents to underestimate him, and not to mention even being able to recognize him at first until he already uses one of his famous tricks. However I’m even more excited for him to finally be back in proper shape!


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