Brave 10 Episode 12: “We Shall Overcome” [Final and Overall Review]



The Braves all get up and defeat the Iga League of Five. Hattori tries to control Isanami, but is almost sucked into the void, and so Saizo steps in to remind Isanami that being human is to endure pain, but also have happiness. All goes well, Isanami returns to normal, the gang still fights in a friendly manner, and Saizo is appointed the leader of the Braves.


It wasn’t that surprising, that people were saved by the power of friendship. There’s not much else to analysize, other than it was horribly predictable and not funny at all. This includes the epilogue, where Isanami tries to name everyone an officer of random things. She’s still as useless as ever, and the initial impression of her as being strong was way off the mark. Her only purpose in the story is to be saved by others, and there is no change in this episode. I really enjoyed that Yuri got his revenge against the League member that was trying to take him down…the violence broke up the monotomy of the show.

Anastasia gets a total turnaround in this episode, because she understands what she’s been looking for has been there all along. She’s always been the other big female character in the show, and I like her a whole lot more now than before because he character is more round and defined. Each character has a backstory, but she’s the most relatable, and she’s not just for show. Anastasia, is by far, the most powerful  female in the show, and the one that most people can relate to. The fighting was totally one-sided this episode, and it was wasn’t particularly fair that all the Braves bounced back with the power of friendship.

Did I mention the bad background music? Did I mention how jarring it is? It doesn’t change. Geez.

Overall Review:

I…can’t take this show anymore, so I won’t write much, sorry.

Resolutions- THERE ARE NONE. The fight is not over, Isanami can still go “goddess” anytime, and Date Masamune doesn’t look like he’s done with Sanada Yukimura anytime soon. The gang is still bickering like there’s no tomorrow. They did choose a leader, and obviously, they chose Saizo. He’s the most level-headed, and the one that ties them all together, and naturally, he’s elected/forced to be. The ending is more of the “heroes heading off into the sunset” type, because the story doesn’t really end. IsanamixSaizo never get’s resolved, and despite the balance of character personalities, it felt like a chore to keep track of what everyone was doing. Ten characters? At the same time? Seriously?

To say the least, I really, really didn’t like this show after the first two episodes.

Terrible music, iffy art, mediocre fight sequences, poor plot planning, episodic adventures, predictable, boring-

I hope to god there isn’t a season two.

But this is the end of the line for blogging Brave10. Sorry again for the delay on this post, I got snowed by life and final projects. I’m on a work-term for the next few months, so it should get a lot better. Maybe I’ll see you guys at Anime North? Kaitou, signing off!


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