Fate/Zero 2 Episode 4: How to Die 101

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Note: Yes, I’m blogging Fate/Zero again, but Eva doesn’t want to get sick again so we’re reducing her workload 🙂


Tokiomi attempts to form an alliance with Irisviel and Kiritsugu, in order to be able to fight better against Rider and Berserker, however Irisviel tries to reduce things to “an agreement” rather, and asks that Kotomine Kirei retires himself from the Holy Grail War. After the meeting, Irisviel becomes sick, as her Homunculus body cannot function properly anymore.
After giving it a little bit of thought, Kotomine Kirei refuses to get out of the war, and

Come to Papa *mafioso smile*

has a bit of a small talk with Gilgamesh where they decide they will become Master and Servant while ditching Tokiomi for good. The student then proceeds to kill his teacher, and the episode ends as the eighth contract is formed between Kotomine Kirei and Gilgamesh.


Seriously, I was chuckling all the way through the last 5 minutes of this episode. Not only did Tokiomi give his murderer the weapon needed to get rid of him, he also gave him the right to take care of his daughter, and then died like a complete idiot. Honestly, that was pathetic. I’m glad he’s dead I kinda feel bad for Rin though 🙁.
But anyways. Moving on, now it looks like Kotomine Kirei is back in the race and more menacing than ever! With Gilgamesh as his servant and with Kirei’s strategy skills, it looks like the fight will be fierce between him and Kiritsugu. Those two are the ones who are most likely to win after all… Berserker’s a bit too crazy to win, and Rider way too careless.
I am not looking forward to next episode… Considering a Master and/or Servant has been dying every single episode so far, it looks like Irisviel may be the next one on the list, which I am NOT down for. She has been absolutely great so far, and the fact that she makes Kiritsugu stay in the background is the main reason why. I was also quite happy with her healing skills…So basically, this episode seemed a bit slow and not interesting in the beginning, however the show twisted everything around at the end, giving us yet another incredible episode for a third week in a row. Man, I think I’ll die from over-awesomeness if this goes on for too long…

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