Jormungand episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to your new iron wielding family !

Today Jonah is having another nice day at school ! Not really, he actually kills a lot of people instead.


I am not sure what to say about this show. It is extremely action packed and the character looks interesting at first glance, but there is so many of them and they are all still so cryptic that it is hard to tell if they are not just generic characters in the end. I am not sure where this show will be going exactly, obviously action will take a major part of the show, but I have a feeling (mostly because this is a white fox production) that the character will turn out to be very likable and interesting in the end.



I’m more interested in learning what is the deal with Jonah. That poor boy is very interesting, he doesn’t like to talk, yet he asks many question, he doesn’t like guns, yet he carries one around. The only time he laughed was when he was able to hold a plush in his hand for a minute. Otherwise he always kept the same Kristen Stewart facial expression for the whole episode. In term of characters, Jormungand already hooked me in. Also, I don’t know if it is just me, but Jonah reminds me of Johan from Monster, mainly because they have the same letters in their name and both kids are fucked up beyond any kind of redemption.


Another part of the show that I absolutely loved were the soundtrack. The Opening and Ending are just awesome ! They made me think of Black Lagoon somehow in their style, most likely because both shows are of similar genre after all. Even after listening only once to those songs, I already want to listen to them on loop. I guess I’m kind of a sucker for this kind of “music”.


He sure knows how to look badass

Finally, I’m not sure what to say about the action, the only thing I can clearly say is that some of the stuff they did in the show are simply physically impossible. No one can stand on top of a car that is driving at I don’t know how many kilometers per hour, not unless you have nails under your boots, but even in that case it would have been impossible in that particular scene, since the van was bullet proof and the nails would have never taken grip in the first place. Also, while I’m no explosive specialist, I am fairly confident that the shock wave from a grenade explosion is sufficient (at such close range) to active the detonator of an RPG, but maybe some gun maniac could prove me wrong on that one.


I’m willing to give this show a try, I have a feeling that the action might never buy me, but the characters already did and from past experience, white fox make great shows. I will look forward to blogging and watching this show, at least for the next couple episodes.


Possibility of Blogging: Likely

Possibility of Watching: Likely


ZeroG signing off

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Kaitou’s Impressions

There was a lot of action, I can give it that. What seems to be a ragtag organization centered around a strange and charismatic leader named “Koko,” this show was…weird. Firstly, there’s the perspective of the dead-eyed child soldier. I’m still trying to read where they’re trying to go with this, especially a show about arms dealers. Who are these people? What do they want? They try really hard to explain it, but at the same time, they’re taking you into a world of intrigue and complicated webs through the weapon wheelin’ and dealin’.

The egg initiation was rather funny, though. Wouldn’t a plant be more appropriate? An egg is a dead baby chicken…it doesn’t grow…unlike a plant! But I suppose that wouldn’t have the same impact as a bad dinner of eggs. Where did this child come from? Why is he important? Is he important? Or are we just assuming so because he’s there?

I can imagine this structure falling apart without Koko. Which brings into question- WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING, I GUESS I HAVE TO CONTINUE WATCHING. Which is driving me nuts, because there’s just names and things being chucked left and right, gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. The episode hinged on lots of people dying and things exploding, so hopefully there’s more to this show than that. There’s not much to say…I know the episode was all about Jonah and his silent eyes, but I really want to know more about Koko, really. ^_^U

Possibility of Blogging: Maybe

Possibility of Watching: Most Likely

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