Kazo no Kanojo X ep 3: Panties, drool, and kisses

Mmmmmmm panties.

Tsubaki catches Ueno kissing someone…turns out he not only has a girlfriend, but has been keeping it a secret! More importantly to Tsubaki, they’re already kissing.

Tsubaki blushes at the thought of kissing Urabe, and Urabe notices something with him. Later when they’re walking home she asks if they can stop in the park, and so they proceed to do homework together…adorable….

Tsubaki brings up the relationship to Urabe, and she asks if he wants to kiss her. Then she does her you know…weird…Urabe thing and twirls around dramatically and put her spit into a test tube. I…I don’t know why this makes sense or is entertaining but it totally is and I enjoy it. She tells him to drink the spit before he goes to sleep that night. I…I’m amused..XD

I’m going to comment here for a sec on how sparkly Urabe’s drool is. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, how long it’s been since it’s left her mouth….Urabe’s drool will always be sparkly and magical. I just thought I’d point this out for all of you.

Tsubaki hurries off to bed and licks up the sparkly magical drool. Suddenly he’s dreaming of walking home with Urabe, and she has candy. He asks for a piece and she kisses him, giving him the one she had already, and he protests. He declares that kissing should be with all of your feelings, and that first kisses shouldn’t be surprise attacks. It’s really adorable. Tsubaki’s such a sweet kid with cute things going on in his head. XD

Tsubaki and Urabe then walk home together and she pulls him off to the side once he tells her he had a dream after drinking her drool. She asks if he wants to kiss and he says he wants them to wait until they understand each other’s feelings. She agrees with him and…adorable…happy…love… feelings….sweet…cute…..drool…..urabe……kiss…….adorable.

Urabe is confessed to the next day and she forbids Tsubaki from interfering. She says she will decide the next day, and we see that this worries Tsubaki. For some reason Urabe eyes her underwear strangely after a shower and we see she…doesn’t seem to be wearing any O_O

Urabe makes Ogata, the boy who confessed to her, close his eyes and she gives him her drool. He feels no different afterwards and she completely rejects him. When Tsubaki and Urabe walk home together she gives him her drool as well…to which he promptly nosebleeds. She then reveals she was wearing no panties and if someone shared a bond with her and tasted her drool, they should have responded too. Tsubaki did, Ogata didn’t, which means they understand each others feelings.

Urabe smiles and takes Tsubaki’s hand, something she wouldn’t do just prior in episode 2. Tsubaki comments that that’s just fine for now, and then Urabe’s skirt flies up with the wind and I had to rewind like 5 times to get this shot of her butt so you best appreciate sons. Anyway, they understand each other….and nosebleed with each other…so cute.

So yet again everyone…this show is adorable, mostly realistic, and it features a girl who pulls her scissors out of her panties. You still need to watch it. And seriously, that butt shot did not want to be caught…


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