Kuroko wants to play as a team, not individually. He doesn’t consider his former teammates to be friends as well. It was pretty funny to tell Kise that so bluntly.
I really love how Riko makes the members go up and announce their ambitions for the team to the entire school. Even better that those who applied were serious enough that. What I love about it the most is that it gives the players a focus and a goal to achieve. They are making a pledge to accomplish their ambitions! It was definitely great to see that nobody shied away.
Kagami just goes up there in a heart beat and announces that he wants to become number 1 and beat the Generation of Miracles. I couldn’t stop laughing when Koichi went on about his story and – GOD, IT WAS SO FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Poor Kuroko, he didn’t get to even speak it, well he’d be able to get away with it.
The one of one match with Kise and Kagami was great to see. At the same time, I think it also gave us an idea of Kagami’s weak point… which I take too seriously on a whole new level below- it’s up to you to read it as it probably makes no sense and- ANYWAYS. I’m looking forward to their match and excited to see how strong Kise’s team will be.


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