Medaka Box Episode 3: The Prince of Judo



Zenkichi has been going round to all the clubs for their trial period even though he’s already a Student Council member, earning him the nickname “Club Crasher”. After dealing with a small-time group trying to rebel against Medaka, the Student Council gets a request from the judo club to help them pick a new captain, where Zenkichi and Medaka see a familiar face: the “Prince of Judo”, Akune Kouki.


While the first half of the episode didn’t really have much significance, it did show us that Zenkichi isn’t entirely useless, with some pretty supernatural physical powers of his own – as normal as he tries to be, if there’s anyone fit to be around Medaka in the Student Council, it’s him. Go Zenkichi, the non-useless male protagonist that doesn’t rely on a stronger girl to get by! (Much). What he said was true as well, that even spiked bats are probably not going to do any damage to Medaka and her demon-like perfection. It may not seem any significant, but I’m sure most people found something odd about Shiranui only being friends with Zenkichi “when there’s something she can gain from him”.

We meet Akune Kouki in the second half, the resident bishie of Medaka Box with most of the traits of a bishie that’s full of himself – a superiority complex to everyone but himself, and uh…Medaka? No, actually Akune is more of Medaka’s bitch than anything else, seeing her as the only person fit to stand above himself. Wow, definitely a different face to when he’s talking to anyone else.

He just happens to have bad blood with Zenkichi too, having fought over Medaka with him in the past. This time, I’m sorry Akune but I won’t be approving of Medaka x Akune. The guy pisses me off somewhat. Also, is Zenkichi bleaching his hair? He has blond hair now and when he was a kid, but brown when he was in middle school. Ah well, anything to recognize a character. Notice how apart from Nekomi-senpai and Akune, everyone else in the judo club had standard background character looks xD

I’ve half forgotten how Akune ends up joining the Student Council (if it wasn’t obvious already, from the OP and ED) so his inhuman match with Zenkichi will be fun to watch. Along with Medaka tearing the judo club apart of course.

On a different note, I’ve heard Medaka Box is only going to be 12 episodes long.

What. The. Fuck.

Yeah, manga fans (including me) are raging. Seriously, it’s impossible to get anywhere in just 12 episodes – we might not even hit the Flask Plan at the rate this is going. Medaka Box is popular because of what happens after this initial Student Council arc, and it’s not going to ever reach its full potential with only a one-cour series. There goes the trend of Shounen Jump manga getting really long anime adaptations…pulls out petition sheet for a Season 2

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