Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 3: Rocky Relationship



Natsumi’s brother Daiki confronts her on whether she’s able to fly or not, but she dismisses it and he agrees, wondering why his friend Yuusuke keeps insisting what he saw was real. The two fall out, and when Yuusuke goes to Daiki’s house to apologize he instead sees Saki, and tries to follow her but easily gets caught. Saki feels bad after hearing Yuusuke think he was dreaming, and decides to play the role of a witch and put on another display of flying. When the big rock doesn’t work this time round, Saki realizes that she’s left Yuusuke and Daiki alone there without the promised result.


I have a better opinion of Saki every week, and she’s definitely on track to become my favourite of the four girls. It’s just everything she does, her sense of guilt and wanting to help the kids make up like how she made up with Natsumi – oh, and the adorable Kirisame Marisa witch costume might have something to do with it too xD It’s gonna be bittersweet if she does end up leaving at the end.

This was all about the relationship between Daiki and his friend Yuusuke this time round, over the issue of whether the four girls really did fly or not. Daiki’s actually quite realistic for a little kid, as kids tend to be more imaginative and trusting of other people. Even so, he should have noticed Natsumi’s suspicious reaction to his casual question, though this is anime after all xD I can understand why Daiki got pissed off though, Yuusuke must have sounded like a stalker with his obsession over Natsumi. Or any of the other girls he witnessed flying – Saki couldn’t even make it to the hospital without being stalked.

The worst thing about their falling out was that while what Yuusuke saw was true, he couldn’t prove it and the girls couldn’t replicate it, meaning that Daiki had to take Yuusuke’s word for it, which sounds a bit far-fetched. Also, he makes it sound like they were completely flying when actually all they did was levitate for a bit then come back down.

Speaking of the girls failing to repeat the flying incident – big rock, I am disappoint. Since everyone keeps guessing different conditions for the rock to work then having it proved wrong the next episode, I really don’t know what to think anymore. I guess repeating wishes would not work due to the rock already having granted the initial wish. Maybe the condition of the wish and what you want to get out of it affects whether it works or not too – sticking Natsumi and Saki together had them make up, while the initial flying would have gotten the girls to bond a bit more. I can see why flying again would pose a problem in the long run – not only the boys witnessing the supernatural, but also if anyone else catches them and takes a picture of it. Whatever the reason, I definitely agree that the rock wouldn’t ever work again if they made it public.

It was slightly hinted at in this ep, but next week’s going to focus on Yuka and her senpai whom she very obviously has a crush on. Anyone else sensing the Minchi x Tohru vibes, especially seeing as how Yuka happens to help out in an inn too? xD

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