One Piece Episode 541: Fighting for One's Cause


Episode 541 begins as Queen Otohime continues to try and persuade fishmen to live with humans, however as time passes she is shunned more and more by them, and they stop listening to her.Meanwhile, the Sun Pirates are out in the sea, facing off against discrimination, and Fisher Tiger constantly has to remind his comrades (particularly Jimbei and Arlong) not to act the same as humans do, killing off innocents just ’cause.

Crazy bastard in the past, crazy bastard in the future, that's just how he is... Even though you look freaking badass.

After many raids, Fisher Tiger encounters one of the human slaves he freed during his attack on Mariejoa, Koala, and she is taken on board in order for her to meet with her mother. Still mentally hurt by slavery, Fisher Tiger proceeds to make her forget that she is a slave, and decides to bring her home without killing anyone.




I swear, when she ripped off part of her pants to start cleaning, I was in tears. Poor little girl has had to go through so much, and yet she could still keep smiling and stop herself from crying at such a young age.
This episode contained so many powerful themes, I think I forgot I was watching One Piece for some time and thought I was looking at some documentary on racism. Discrimination, slavery and how to react to it, everything was so real and comparable to the real world. This was a very serious episode, and to see everyone fighting so much to try and defend for their rights was very touching. It was interesting to witness the point of view of the fishmen towards humans, and I’m not even surprised to see how Arlong came to be so sadistic in the end. Those marines were real assholes, seriously…
Meanwhile, sadly for her, I doubt Queen Otohime can get many votes, the way things were at that time. It’s amazing to see how much determination she has though, she will definitely not give up and will keep trying her best. I love her~~
From the looks of it, next episode will continue on with more flashbacks. Patience, everyone! One day, we will see how strong the Strawhat Pirates have become. One day… Hey, at least these flashbacks are interesting.

Somehow, I can never take Fisher Tiger seriously. His head is just so tiny for such a huge body...

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    1. Isn’t she? I hope she’ll stay for a while! It would suck if they just made her leave next episode

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