One Piece Episode 543: Another One Bites the Dust

Don't blame me if I can't take his crying face seriously.


Note: One Piece Episode 542 was skipped due to it being a Toriko + One Piece Special which didn’t contrubute to the plot at all One Piece fillers suck

Koala receives new clothes and becomes accepted by the Sun Pirates, while Arlong remains in his revolutionary state of “stab through every living human being because I’m too badass for you guys”. He tries once more to tell everyone that all humans should die, but Jimbei stops him, and in the end Koala leaves the ship and Tiger escorts her to her hometown.

Happy Timez~

After he leaves the little girl, Tiger is stopped and shot by marines, which warns the rest of the Sun Pirates that he’s in deep shit. The crew barely saves him, however Fisher Tiger needs a transfusion and his mule head pride prevents him from receiving human blood, resulting in his death.
The title of this episode kind of ruined the punchline of it, however it was still shocking to discover how much Fisher Tiger was scarred deeply by his years of slavery, going to the point where it resulted in his death. It was interesting to see how much his mind and his heart conflicted, and he remained a badass mazzafacka all the way ’till the end. I was a little bit surprised to see yet another cool person die so fast, especially since it was quite unexpected, but in the end it was a fine plot twist and I liked it better than if Koala had died, which would have been super sad/SUPER cliché.
It’s too bad Koala is gone already, I really liked this little girl and I would’ve loved to see more of her. She was really adorable once she cleaned herself up! ^.^To be honest, discrimination runs so deep in the heart of humans, I wonder what’s going to happen now that Tiger is gone. Arlong will definitely be set loose, but the reasons why this will be the case still remains a mystery as of yet. I’m guessing we’ll learn more about this next episode.
P.S.: Also, if we could meet Koala as an adult in the present time, that would be SO FREAKIN’ COOL. Just sayin’.

I have a feeling she'll haunt me in my sleep...

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