Recorder to Randoseru Episode 16: Thinking About the Future

Because boobs are the only thing which made this episode better.


This week, both Atsushi and Atsumi have to pick their career choices: WHAT WILL THEY DO IN THE FUTURE?! Such is the question of life. Atsumi thinks more seriously about it since she’s in high school already, while Atsushi pops out random ideas and asks Take-Nii about different ideas because asking a NEET is the best way to go. In the end, he tells his teacher he wants to be  an AV actor, causing her to blow up in surprise not quite sure what happened there.
yawn Was that just me or was this episode a bit… Meh? I loved the ending about Atsushi wanting to become an AV actor, I also liked the beginning with the sexy teacher scene it was just so random I had to laugh and the part where Atsushi said he wanted to be “average”, but everything else was just plain boring.  I was still waiting for funnier jokes to happen by the end of the episode.
I hope this show won’t go back to its boring contents, I was rather happy with the last 2 episodes and I would really be deceived to see the bullcrap we had back in the first season.
P.S.: I know this was short, but hey, the episode really was boring.

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