Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep 3: The Real Yuuko-san?




A relative of Yuuko, Kanoe Kirie contacts Teiichi and warns him that Yuuko is actually an evil spirit that is haunting Teiichi, but he doesn’t listen to her. Later, Kirie awkwardly catches Teiichi and Yuuko but again tells him he is being deceived; when Teiichi turns around he sees a hideous form of Yuuko that he immediately runs away from. When they go down to Yuuko’s remains to investigate more, Kirie realizes she was mistaken as Yuuko really did die from being trapped in an accident. Teiichi decides to view Yuuko in the way he did before, and Kirie joins the Paranormal Investigations Club.


I’ll admit, Yuuko-san’s not quite so hot when in that alternate form – it must be the scary red eyes, or the skin that’s falling apart, or just maybe the fact that she was crying blood at one point? I’m definitely a fan of the sexier version, as well as those kawaii Ninth faces she pulls when people go down to see her skeleton remains.

About both that first scene and when Teiichi first receives Kirie’s letter, shouldn’t it be awkward if people see Teiichi talking to what seems to be thin air? It’s different with Momoe who probably believes Teiichi can see ghosts, but to other students, it would look like he’s gone mad or something.

Anyway, it seems that the principle here is that people view the paranormal (e.g. ghosts like Yuuko) the way they want to – similar to how the rabbit stabbing game last week was all just self-suggestion. For most people, they think a ghost story’s just a story, and so they don’t see (or find nothing unusual about) Yuuko. Once Kirie noticed Yuuko’s existence as a ghost, she starts viewing her first as someone she should have no involvement with. Since she later thinks Yuuko’s behind the disappearances, she immediately views her as some deformed hideous ghost creature, and so that’s what Yuuko appears like.

For Teiichi, he sees her normal form until Kirie tells him otherwise, and he believes it for just a moment, leading Yuuko to appear exactly identical to his imagination. As for which one is the real Yuuko – we’ll probably never know, but I prefer the sexy one. Maybe Teiichi has some kind of undead fetish like Furuya from Sankarea.

Kanoe Kirie, as you can tell from her name, turns out to be Yuuko’s relation from across several generations, meaning that she’s been around for a hell of a long time. With her joining the Paranormal Investigations Club, we’ve got the full cast as shown in Ep 1! I wouldn’t rule out the idea that she joined to be closer to Teiichi, but as we all know, he belongs to Yuuko xD What was slightly ominous (and the first real supernatural sign apart from Yuuko) was the “other” evil spirit that Kirie saw, as well as the dodgy shrine next to Yuuko’s remains. Looks like it wasn’t an accident – someone actually tried to kill a high school girl o.O

This show has an awesome habit of swapping from suspense and horror to ecchi very quickly, and unlike a certain other Silver Link adaptation, I feel it works quite well. Mostly it’s used to get rid of tension or suspicion around Yuuko, since Teiichi does suspect her a lot to be hiding more than she’s telling him. Certainly, after all that evil-Yuuko stuff we needed a bit of naked ecchi, and it wouldn’t have worked anywhere near as well if she’d still been in her alternate form.

  • Side Note: I’ll go back to using the raws for screencaps next week, since I noticed a drop in video quality when comparing both versions. 


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