Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 2: It’s All in the Mind

…Hey, did you know? About the ghost of the old school building…



Niiya Teiichi, a freshman at Seikyou Academy has managed to get himself lost inside the abandoned old school building. If you stand in front of a big mirror somewhere in the building and look over your shoulder, it’s said that you’ll be dragged into the mirror by a ghost. When Teiichi finds the mirror, he meets and is escorted back outside by a girl called Kanoe Yuuko, who introduces herself as the ghost of the old school building. However, Yuuko can’t remember anything about her death and so she starts a club with Teiichi to figure out the cause behind it.

One day, a girl called Okonogi Momoe turns up to the club asking for help, to get rid of a spirit that she had “summoned” during a game of Underground Demon that went wrong. Teiichi realizes that the whole game is based on self-suggestion, and stages a scene to get rid of the “spirit”.


Now this is the Tasogare Otome I remembered! As I suspected, we’ve skipped back to Teiichi and Yuuko’s first meeting, as well as Momoe’s introduction, which explains a lot that might have been confusing last episode. The beginning was definitely very horror-like. You’ve got an abandoned, run-down old building and tales about ghost hauntings and dragging you into mirrors if you look over your shoulder, and a boy that just happened to get lost somehow and ends up finding that particular mirror. Myths or legends can be wrong though, and instead of getting condemned to die, Teiichi ends up having a clingy and lively ghost following him around, with ecchi situations round every corner. Not that he minds, that is.

Even though Yuuko can’t remember her death, it’s obvious that from the skeleton (still wearing a school uniform) behind the mirror, someone trapped Yuuko in there and left her to die, which Teiichi saw a bit of in a vision-ish moment of his. Though the suspense build-up was really good, I keep forgetting that this show isn’t as dark and full of horror like I think it is – but it’s true, you can’t get more naked than a skeleton xD Ghosts usually stick around in the world for some reason or objective to achieve, which is what I think Yuuko’s trying to remember – again, probably related to stuff around her death.

I think Momoe already believed in the supernatural before meeting Teiichi…I guess this is what you get for having a school with an abandoned building, so the students can gossip around and pass tales that eventually turn into urban legends. Also half of them is probably Yuuko’s fault. I mean, seriously? Taking a rabbit with a knife stuck into it just because it has “Yuuko-san” written on it? xD

Like it is for everyone scared of the dark, things are usually likely to just self-suggestion than anything else. It’s all in the mind, guys. Or, you might say so now, but it’s different when it comes to the real thing. No matter how obsessed with the occult you are, I don’t think it was a bright idea to stab a toy bunny in a dark classroom after school and play a mind game with yourself. Especially when the toy disappears and you realize you’ve started something you can’t finish, and it’s apparently out to get you. Yuuko-san, that was some hilarious acting by the way xDD Teiichi totally not taking another chance to feel her up of course. She’s pretty hot, I don’t blame him.

As newly-inspired people tend to do, it’s only natural that Momoe would end up joining the club. She completely idolizes Teiichi, which I’m sure Yuuko isn’t too happy about. Anyway, given that we’ve got the proper intro more or less faithfully animated, I don’t see the need for that “extra” scene we got last week. Being only 12 episodes long, every ep should be put to good use.

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