Tsuritama Ep 1: Three Boys, Three Fishing Rods [First Impressions]


Sanada Yuki is prone to moving and has chronic stage-fright. When he moves to a small fishing town, he meets Yuki, who claims to be an alien, and Natsuki, the “fishing prince.” Friendship ensues.

ZeroG’s Impressions:


This show is simply fucked up and amazing, I simply love everything that is out of the ordinary and that break the traditional anime rhythm and style and this show fits the bill. I was confused for the greater part of the episode, but this is why I loved the episode so much. The art is not beautiful I must admit, It feels a little sub par and uninteresting, but the way they uses imagery to express emotions and the way the scene and story are constructed is just incredible.

What isn’t new and surprising with this show? The main character is a social awkward high schooler, like usual, but he is severely more awkward than your usual protagonist, He never makes any friends and he gets anxious at every little social interaction he has to accomplish.  He was about to start crying because some guy was standing in front of him in the train, he really has some SERIOUS issues.

But he isn’t even close to be the weirdest out there, Haru claims to be an alien, he walks around with what seems to be a full camping set and his fish and he shoot people with a water gun so he can gain control over them. To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin with this guy, he is a weirdo among weirdo, he seems to be unaware about the world and he doesn’t have a grain of decency or shame. He really is a particular and interesting character.

And what to say about the two other main character of the show, Akira is already particular enough with his look and slave that seem to follow him around, even if we only saw a glimpse of who he is, I can already tell that he is just as special as the others. And finally Natsuki “Prince” Usami, who seems to have some issues as well, he always act silently and try to look menacing, but in reality he is a sweetheart and loves to fish and I am pretty sure there is much more to his personality too.

In the end, we have some super interesting character, no story yet, ordinary art, but a beautiful way to show it. I just don’t know how awesome or terrible this show will be, but if you have a taste for the original, this is something that might very well interest you just as much as it interests me.


I will most definitively watch this show and most likely I will blog it too, I just can’t wait to see just how great or bad this thing will end up being.


Possibility of Watching: High

Possibility of Blogging: High


ZeroG signing off


Kaitou’s Impressions:

There’s a lot to be said about airyheaded boys.

Haru is frightened of people and attention. Yuki is a self-proclaimed alien (and I actually believe him, this show could do it), and we have our Fishing Prince. What do these guys all have in common? Fishing, I suppose. Or that they just happen to live in the same town. The mood of the whole show is open enough that ANYTHING could happen, and you’d just sit and let it wash over you. OK, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the finer points of the story (there isn’t much), and there was a lot of art stuff to look at (good).

Train station…

Pretty? Almost, almost as good as Makoto Shinkai.

This show is probably going to be based on crazy high jinks and fluffy lessons…which would be key to opening up the uptight friendless Haru. He’s been skipping around different schools since god-knows-when, and still can’t introduce himself without falling into a delusion where he’s drowning in imaginary water and leaves the danger zone without noticing. Something about Yuki’s water gun pulls them all together…it manages to knock Haru out of his embarrassment stupor and Natsuki off his pedestal.

I really like Natsuki- he seems like the even headed of the gang. Yuki’s too spaced out (pun intended), but he seems to know things, Haru is too busy talking in his own head and expressing them in silently stupid expressions.

I’m not sure if I’ll watch the rest of this show…it’s too…nice. It’s crazy, sure, but not overly funny or deep or cute, or anything. It’ll be good for entertainment value, but I’m not sure if you’ll get more than just three guys and a whole bunch of weirdos interacting for 13 episodes. >_<

Possibility of Watching: Not Likely

Possibility of Blogging: Not Likely


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