Uchuu Kyoudai Ep 4: Jeopardized

Mutta goes through the second interview, only later kicks himself for his ridiculous answer to a particular question.

;w; Things are finally starting to look brighter for Mutta. His only worry right now is how his interview turned out since he is kicking himself for giving a stupid answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he has much favour from the staff as they are more interested with his rival, Yamato.
It is great that he was able to meet some great people, (Serika and Kenji in particular). It was very kind of  Kenji to write up everyone’s numbers for Mutta since he had lost his cellphone in the toilet.
I am really enjoying the steady and slow development between Serika and Mutta. We know that Mutta has a crush on her, and she… well… can’t help but see her dad in him, so I imagine this is going to be a tough one.   I do hope, though the chances are pretty slim- that Mutta before this show ends (assuming we’re not going to get a second second ;^;) confess to her or something.
Overall it really feels like things are developing very quickly. So fast, that I actually forgot this is only episode four out of (what is said to have) seventeen. I suppose it’s a good thing, the pacing isn’t too bad and they aren’t wasting time on unnecessary things, including opportunities to insert some more gags. But that isn’t a bad thing, as I like the serious mood to thing while still being light-hearted and humorous.
Next week we’ll be seeing Hibito since he had invited Mutta to come visit NASA and stuff. I imagine things might get a bit complicated- be it jealousy or conflicted feelings. Either way I’m looking forward to it.


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