The level of kawai in this show is incredible, sometimes I wonder how the characters even manage to survive from the absurd amount of nosebleed they constantly suffer because of Io. I wonder at one point will his words cross the line and finally kill someone, Io the sweet talker will then become Io the serial killer !

Look at my breast, my breast is amazing, give it a lick...it taste like yuri

On a similar note, not only is he a killer with his words, but  when he and his friend play together, it seems that there is an overwhelmingly high chance that someone will get hurt and most likely not just a little either.  They sure take competition to the extreme, especially since the one who looks the more innocent are the most dangerous on the playing field. Who would have thought that a little kitty cat girl could do such great smash?

Such powerful emotions

It seems like the character of Io is slowly moving closer to the title of great charmer. It is not just Tsumiki that falls for him anymore, since last episode it seems that Io has two super hidden talent. First, he is able to charm just about any girl with his sweet, pure and innocent words. Second, He is absolutely unable to understand anything about love and attraction, he is denser than a reinforced brick wall. Too bad that he possesses both of those, otherwise he could be a real player, sleeping with every girl in school and forming the biggest harem the world has ever seen !!!

This is getting dangerous

He wasn’t so far from that goal in the second portion of the show either, he was successful in creating a great harem, the one issue was that it was composed of cats only, but if you are into that neko fetish, it is the perfect harem…right? Now, why does Io has such a high influence over cats? I mean, the cats don’t only like him, they love him. It seems has though he is carrying catnip around and he has a constant smell of fish. Of course Tsumiki is no exception, I smell something fishy here. I have a theory that Io really is a Sphinx in disguise and that he is trying to create an army of cats to conquer the planet and make a world where the cats live like Kings. Of course that might be a little off to the truth, but I think I figured most of it.

The show is really cute and it has its funny part, but it just seem like a cuter replica of Azumanga Daoih or Lucky Star, it is not like there is anything really new or special about it. The animation is ordinary, the characters are nothing really spectacular and the dialogs are quite basics even when Io is saying his “nosebleedingly-cute” sentences. Nevertheless, the show is enjoyable.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. TimesTicking

    The cat bringing back the frisbee was awesome XD
    Every time they play sports you will always see casualties 😀

    1. ZeroG

      And they seem to always play some sports, so they might be wise to make friend with the nurse soon

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