You know that time when your instinct tells you to run away... I'd listen to it.



Due to the hot weather and a broken A/C, everyone shows up to work at Io’s place! again. Mayoi and Sakaki finish their homework, and everyone eventually has fun and plays videogames.

and cuddling with fluffy pillows.

The second half of the episode revolves around the summer festival, where Io and Tsumiki steal the spotlight with their cute lines and actions and badass goldfish scooping.



Yaaaay, summer festival!
Continuing with the summer theme, I was happy to see that despite the lack of plot there was still at least a bit of a continuation in the timeline. Next episode, everyone is back at school for the summer festival, and we can see that at least the school year flows pretty well. This leaves room for plot… maybe? Never.
It seems like this episode was a lot slower and calmer than last episode, where I was laughing every second of it. This week was a bit more dull, however there were still a few things which were quite interesting, one of them being the goldfish scooping, which was probably the funniest scene of it. The first half was okay, the second half was better, but in comparison to last week this episode was clearly more boring.
I thought I’d use this opportunity to bring up a character trait which I haven’t talked much about yet, and that would be about Io’s ability to be a complete playboy. Honestly, it’s gone to a point where it’s not just Tsumiki, he attracts every single lady, even fish. I thought I’d underline this fact, since it’s a really funny trait that adds to the show so much. The only thing I see wrong with that is that he’s not nice only to Tsumiki… 🙁 I WANT MY SHIPPING MOMENTS!

In my first aid course, apparently if there's more blood than a sheet of paper you need to call an ambulance *derp smile*

Hime was also a big spotlight in this episode, being naive and innocent like she is, I think she’s the one who stood out the least so far, and it was good to see her a bit more up front this episode although her personality is still a bit dull, but that’s just my character bias showing up.
So, in the end, this episode was fine, I guess… Compared to the earlier episodes, it was bad. But I doubt it’ll be like this everytime, after all last week’s episode was so amazing that they had to calm us down a little.