Eva’s Anime North 2012 Coverage Day 2: Photo Spam Day
Clear Skies, HOT HOT HOT.
Time Spent @Convention: 15 hours (WTF?!)
Well holy shit, that was a long day. I ended up waking up at 5am despite the fact we were only going to leave by 9 and arrive at the convention at 9:30am so that I could attend the ATLA video panel (which was a blast!) We kind of needed a larger room, considering how crowded it was. We watched “The Day of the Black Sun Part 2” and “The Western Air Temple”. The best part was the fact every single one of us could easily recite the opening as we all memorized it. It was super awesome
So that was the first panel I’ve ever been to in a convention- EVER. A good start too! After that since Myst was nowhere to be found (her event wasn’t over yet) I spotted the Fairy Tail photo shoot and headed over. I have to say, the Fairy Tail group was AMAZING this year. Really, it was such a great group to work with and take pictures of.


This is my favourite picture of the Fairy Tail Photoshoot

After that, I continued my scouting for more people to take pictures of. I tried looking for any that caught my eye, something new rather than the usual repetition, but the heat eventually got to me and I quickly took shelter back in Double Tree. By then I reunited with Myst and the two of us headed over to the Mawaru Penguindrum panel.
This is the first one I’ve experienced where it’s focused on discussion.
What I thought of it?
…No offence, but it was pretty disappointing. The two of us left to find something else to do little less than ten minutes into the thing. The problem was there wasn’t an actual discussion. The people hosting the panel weren’t really encouraging it. It was really just a small talk with their co-hosts. Nobody was talking, except for the guy in front of us, but even he seemed to have trouble stepping into the conversations. I think it would’ve been better if they made it easier to step into their discussion without feeling doubtful or unsure whether it’s okay or not.
(The second experience was much better. Much to my dismay, short and sweet because we had to leave early for two other events right after. Myst and I attended the Angel Beats panel and during that 15-20minutes we were in, it was a blast. It was easy to join the flow of the discussion, people were able to share their thoughts, yup it was a lot of fun! :D)
So Myst and I headed off to the Dealer Room to check things out, and the art gallery. We were lucky to later meet up with Kaitou and meet her in person for the very first time! 😀 😀 😀 *WAVES AT KAITOU* We hung out and attended the Idol show thingy which I won’t comment on because I can be a bit over the top harsh being critical even though the thing is just for fun and unprofessional- SO DON’T MIND ME OKAY.
I leave 15 minutes early because I had to head out to go to the Legend of Korra photo shoot, which was ALSO AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! Oh my god, there’s so many shots to choose from.
Seriously everyone was amazing!


This is my favourite picture of the Legend of Korra Photoshoot

After that was over, I headed over to the Dealer Room once again for the sake of air conditioning and something else to do and picked up a katana umbrella which i never thought i’d ever in my life get my hands on! 😀 I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!!
That next event for me was Legend of Korra while Myst headed to the 404 line up. Of course the first thing i see when I step out of the Angel Beats panel is a line up going ALLLLL THE WAY DOWN THE HALL AND OUT. I was like, “SHIT! I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE WENT IN FOR ANGEL BEATS!”
Fortunately there was a positive outcome to this. Though I was far back in line, I met two other people were at the time, the last people in line and we quickly learned that we’re crazy obsessed fans going SKHDAKSHDAKSJD. Behold my two new BFFS (LOLZ). We killed a lot of time and had a blast discussing in the mean time. We were really freaking out whether we’d be able to get in or not- thankfully we were able to as we were #60, 61, 62 in line.
Finally the event started and it was completely packed. let me tell you something…
IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
IT SHOULD’VE BEEN TWO HOURS LONG!!!!! *SOBS* SO MUCH FUN! I’m a hardcore ATLA/LOK fan, so I was having the time of my life!!!!!! I tried filming some bits, but my camera- I forgot the limit for recording is 5mins.
Overall, holy shit. What a fulfilling day. This is by far the longest day I’ve ever spent at Anime North, and it was totally worth it. Clearly panels are something that you should go to if you’re a passionate fan of the subject. ATLA/LOK is my absolute comfort zone and Angel Beats was a good experience to make up the first one that set my expectations low and had disappointment.
I really can’t believe that we walked around and stayed there for 15 hours, that’s just insane!!!!!
As result of being outside and forgetting to apply sunscreen again (until later around 4pm) more brutal sun burns. =_=;;;

;w; I’m so happy I was able to run into these guys again and retake the photo I messed up on Friday!


Myst’s Second Day: Line-ups, panels n’ shit

Well, that was a long day. OH MAN.
Please Note: It is 1 a.m. I’m tired, patienceless and don’t feel like being nice or fancy. Deal with it.
SO. Despite my idea to wake up at 8h30, it seems like my body felt like 6 o’clock was a better idea, therefore I had more than enough time to get prepared in the morning. Once me and Eva got there, we split up, and hence my panel hunt started.
1) Anime Name That Tune: Really fun, though my name wasn’t pulled out and therefore I didn’t participate. By the way, a message to the family that always sits in the front row every year and knows every song: HOW DO YOU DO IT?! Do you, like, listen to all the songs before you sleep or something, like a ritual?
2) Mawaru Penguindrum: The panelists had a discussion by themselves with an audience. Boooring.
3) Dealers’ Room: New acquisitions include a Code Geass Poster, a Kyubei/Madoka keychain and my brother’s b-day present which won’t be mentioned for obvious reasons, if it doesn’t sound obvious then you’re just stupid.
4) AN Idol Finals: This being my first time seeing it, I couldn’t compare it to other years, however I was told by Kaitou that it was less interesting than last year, since all the singers were pretty much in the same style. Personally, I liked it, it was great for a free amateur show, but despite having really talented singers, most of them did not know how to act on stage and/or use a microphone properly. Which is a real shame, because using a microphone properly or adding some costumes in would have made everything so much better. Also, I completely agreed with the winner of AN Idol. Great job!
5) Writing: The Editorial Side: BEST panel I’ve been to so far. Getting information on the Editing Work and doing it as a full time job interested me a lot, the panellists were fun, they knew their stuff, and it actually really made me want to check out editing as a future career.
6)Angel Beats: I COULD ONLY STAY FOR 15 MINUTES!  Since I wanted to wait in line for the 404’s Late Night Show, I unfortunately left early, but the panelists were very funny, I loved the interaction that was happening between everyone, and I was laughing all the time. It was a short, but fun 15 minutes 🙂
7) 404’s Late Night Show: The biggest highlight of the whole show was the lineup. IT WAS HUUUUUUUUGE! Going all the way down the hallway, it went out the doors and outside for ages. Luckily I left a bit early to get in line… Moreover, due to the Masquerade running late, we had to wait another extra hour… Yay. All this, and once we got in (at 11 p.m.), I learned that I had to leave at 12h15 I’m so jyful I could do a Sundance. Anyways… IT WAS WORTH IT. People stripping down, awesome improvisation acts, these guys were awesome and I really enjoyed the acts I saw, if you know what I mean.
So in the end, I spent most of the time going to panels or wandering around looking at cosplays. Talking about those, WOW. There were so many absolutely amazing cosplays today, I was so impressed and just walking around was really entertaining with all that we saw and it explains the HUGE amount of pictures. I also enjoyed meeting up with Kaitou for the AN Idol, it was interesting to finally meet her in person 🙂
Overall Thoughts: Today was AWESOME. But long. And now I better go sleep before I start punching kitties, I can feel my mood crashing because I’m so tired.
Predictions for Tomorrow: Watch out for the zombies that would be me.

Photography by Eva

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=_=; It’s a pain in the ass to rotate the majority of them, I’ll get to them in pieces later on because I can’t keep this up with my wrists. Enjoy the pictures :Db I had a blast taking them!
Features the following Group Photo Shoots
Fairy Tail, Legend of Korra, and a couple of One Piece



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    I was pretty distracted with Street-passing people on the 3DS, sorry if I seemed a bit distant. XD But it was nice meeting you guys in person~ Wish there had been more time to hang out and talk. And more tako-yaki next time. ;_; AHHHH, ONLY 12 MORE MONTHS UNTIL THE NEXT ONE!!

    1. Myst

      Hahaha, only 12 months ;P And yeah, next time we should definitely meet and do this again!

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