Hiiro no Kakera Episode 5+6- SEXY SNIFFER PLOT TWIST

Introducing the sexy sniffing assault! WHY OTOME HEROINE SO SUBMISSIVE, BRO.


The gang accepts their defeat, and regain their strength after a special meal. Tamaki starts having mind twinges again, and is sniff-assaulted by some strange man in the mountains. Totally not strange at all. She confronts the leader of Logos to ask nicely if they’ll stop stealing things and breaking barriers. And the answer is dundundun NO.

Episode 6


The Five Guardians go out on their so-called “decisive battle” against Logos, and predictably, they lose. But wait! The Tamayorihime has 3 talismans and saves the day!


What I just watched was the same as last week, except Tamaki can see spirits now. It goes to show that her powers are maturing, which is very important when the gang has to actually seal the Onikirimaru back in. She seems to be actively trying to  cause her powers to change, which is something new.

However, I still can’t get over how…sexist this show is. This is probably the worst show to look at about this, but it’s true…as an anime based on an otome game, you’re kind of expecting that the female lead is going to be a pushover and the guys willing falling all over themselves to protect her. I mean, Tamaki si cute, but she’s not all that appealing in other ways. The guys pretty much said what her role in this anime was-sit tight and look pretty.


The talismans were a cheapshot, too. She can’t do anything, and then suddenly she can chant a few words and blow the bejeezus out of everyone? MARY-SUE CHEAP SHOT. Come on! There must be something, anything you can do to change this anime around and not have it like the game at all. I’m watching this because Aksys hasn’t localized the damn game (pretty please? Pleasseeee?)

And the freaking lack of chemistry. At the end of every episode, there’s an end greeting with one of the guys in the show saying things like “I had fun today” or “I’ll be here waiting for you (next week)”, which usually makes my week. This show…nothing. No exploding ovaries or tingling heart strings, just repeated face-palms. YES, I SAID “EXPLODING OVARIES.” Takuma is a slab of meat on screen, filling our time with crosswords. Not. Convinced.

Hakuouki had the saving grace of history and lots of blood to make up for the crap story. This? Overly aggressive wolf-dude that tells you he wants to “do it” again with you. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME. Now go and watch the last 30 seconds of the episode and be glad that’s the best part.

F-ing perv saves the day. 6 episodes in, only one moment of me screaming “APPROVED.”

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