This is exactly the kind of action and battle I always wanted to see in Jormungand. I could care less about tactic and gunfight, what I care about is strategy and mind games. I simply loved this episode, we could see what Koko really was all about. She outsmarts that silly actor with ease, even if her only focus was to manipulate people and wear her mask, Koko was able to take it all in the end.

All previous episode we were only able to see gunfight and Koko’s smile on the battlefield, but now we were able to see why she is such a great arm dealer to begin with. It is not about the bodyguard team, it is about who has the best plan and how well you know your line of work. Koko is crazy, but it is a wonderful quality in her line of work. She was able to outsmart everyone up to know, and I don’t think we are even close to see this change in the near future.

One thing I found particular about this episode is how they called the country going to war “Country A and Country B”. I do know that it matters not which is country A and which is country B, but for the sake of the show it would be less confusing to have them decide of a random country A and a random country B instead of  them keeping the countries as a variable. Was this done because they are trying not to upset their viewers from a specific country and not create an outrage? Because after all there are many countries in Europe that hate each others face and who could turn on each other very quickly, they could have arbitrarily chosen any two of them and it would have fitted just fine. So I am quite curious why they decided to keep the countries anonymous this way. Even though other countries were named.

The opening was hilarious, to see Lutz be completely owned by Jonah, the new recruit and child soldier, especially to be hit on the butt, it was quite the entertaining scene. Lutz might be the very best sniper in the show, but when he is not with his sniper in hand, he seems a little on the useless side. Specialty is a good thing, but in his line of work he needs to be good at everything. Though I must admit that I doubt there are many snipers in the world that could fire a bullet inside another sniper’s barrel and make a beautiful flower with it, he does have my respect for that.

I find it suspicious that Koko is making so many enemies along her path and she doesn’t seem to kill off many of them, every new arc there is someone else that wants her head that roams around the world, at one point they will get her if they decide to unite against her. She is good, but she is not invincible. I wonder if death is the only thing that awaits Koko at the end of the season, we will see in due time I guess.

ZeroG signing off