Kyoko is back and she is in love with Ayumu in her own way, we were really missing someone else to fall in love for that guy, because having over 8 girls that drools thinking about him was not enough, we needed even more diversity. It is not a love triangle anymore, it is more like a love dodecagon. I never really liked love triangle and harem, but at this point this is even taking the concept of harem a bit far. I’m not a polygamist, I’d rather have only one person I love than 3 people I like with me. Since I’m supposed to relate to the main character, I want him to make a decision and not only continue his harem ways.
In other news, Kyoko is scary ! She is even more of a sadist than Sera and she is to another extreme of Tsundere, or is that yandere? I don’t even know anymore with her. First she acts all cute and lovely in people, only to cut Ayumu to pieces in private followed by a sweet hug between the two. This is simply too fucked up to be described in a general category.
I had no idea what this “mixer” thing was supposed to be. Maybe I’m just too antisocial to have ever heard of something like that, or It is simply not something we did when I was younger. Either way, it looks like some kind of regular hang-out  with preadolescent full of hormones but still too shy to make a real orgy. When you do an event like this it is obvious that the objective is too make out with someone, so why would you even bother making this kind of activities, get everyone naked from the get go and have fun, you save yourself so much trouble.
The King’s game was a wicked truth of dare game, I liked the concept, but as I said before, why bother with game when you could jump straight into the action? Yes games are entertaining and it can help relieve the pressure and it gives an excuse, but who needs excuses, You only live once right? So why not just do what you feel like doing and experience life a little, it won’t hurt you.
Even if Kyoko was the main focus of the show this episode, I couldn’t help but notice how Sera’s attitude is changing lately, she is the one who caught my attention lately. We always knew she was a tsundere, but her love for Ayumu is becoming more and more transparent as of late and I love this change of pace and this new revelation. I love that change and I wish she would open up even more !
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  1. ph

    I aggre with you respect to the characters, but strongly disagree respect the harem way.

    I think if you love someone that loves you is the way to go, soy if a lot of women loves you you have the obligation to stop thinking about yourself and be a man to correspond all their feelings, even if you like someone more, you can´t be selfish thinking only about you, but you must think about the girls that love you feelings.

    Besides this, I love this anime. Is so much fun that can´t stop staking or dying laughing 😉

    Greetings and good post ;),

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