Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (ep 2) all for the love of a .357 magnum

This episode begins with Fujiko betting herself in exchange for a casino against it’s owner.

She loses, incidentally. But the owner of the casino agrees to set her free in exchange for two wishes…. to steal a gun from a man and see it through to the end.

As it turns out, the man is none other than Jigen Daisuke. Turns out, he killed the Casino owners husband and went to the other side of the turf wars, essentially. She wants Fujiko to steal his .357 Magnum. Fujiko then becomes mistress of the guy in charge…ew, they’re totally having sex ew. That guys gross, have sex with someone attractive Fujiko. >: o Anyway, she proceeds trying to seduce Jigen which fails many many times, until eventually she asks him why he defected, and it seems from his denial it was a woman…

Turns out, the woman was the one who hired Fujiko! Turns out, she was very suicidal back in the day, an Jigen had to watch her as part of his duty. She develops a thing for him, and after the story is done, Fujiko kisses him and slips him a drug. She takes his magnum and gives him the message, “I’ll be waiting for you in the place we made love..” The rest of the story is that Jigen found her in a Church, supposedly dead. She wasn’t, and then her husband showed up and she closed them in her fake coffin together. Then, they had sex, because Ciccolina explained this was the only way she could forget the world.

Her husband confronted her and said he was going to kill Jigen, to which she took his gun and shot him, and Jigen took that gun and told her to say he did it. He then ran. It cuts to the future and Cicciolina tells him she played him like a violin, and one of her bodyguards says he was sleeping with her at the time and she never cared about him. Jigen says he’s finally found a woman worth killing. He fights her bodyguards and then they have a show down, and she says he wouldn’t kill her. He does, but she admits she wanted him to. Though she wanted to use him at first he was her only hope by the end, and without him she was hollow. She decided if she was to die, she wanted him to do it.

Later, Fujiko drives by her grave, where Jigen is. Jigen says he’s getting out of the killing business and into the thievery one, and assures Fujiko he wouldn’t join her for anything.

I have to say, this episode was really nice. It’s nice to see they’re getting into the minds of all the characters. They’re not just making it a chase for treasure series between Fujiko and Lupin, this episode we actually got Jigen’s origin. I really liked it too, and liked that he was basically just like “hey fuck this I’m too cool for this shit” and decided to become a thief. No wonder he had to join Lupin though, he’s definitely not the kind of guy to be the master thief. Didn’t really care about or for the casino owner, but eh. It wasn’t really about her, it was about the characters she influenced. Good to see that Fujiko even in the face of someone similar to her doesn’t get daunted or intimidated. My love for Fujiko Mine continues.


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