Medaka Box Episodes 7 + 8: The Disciplinary Committee



Kikaijima starts work as the Student Council treasurer, but quickly gets off onto the wrong foot with Zenkichi, fuelled by Shiranui’s entrance with a bunch of snapshots of Medaka’s kiss back at the swim meet. When an artist named Yubaru submits a request for Medaka to model for him, the Student Council finds out that the model he’s after is of the more unique kind…

In episode 8, the Student Council are targeted by the Disciplinary Committee, Hakoniwa Academy’s version of the student police due to their uniforms. One of their members, Onigase Harigane, sets out to crush Kurokami Medaka but ends up seeing the kind of work she does for the school.

Episode 7 Impression

Well, that was certainly awkward for Kikaijima and Zenkichi. “Nice weather today, isn’t it?” stares at rain pouring outside Kikaijima’s a good addition to the Student Council, not only because of the accounting talents she offers but also for her unique personality – after all, everyone following Medaka has to be individual don’t they? I don’t think Shiranui’s going to listen to other people (apart from Zenkichi) anytime soon, from the way she’s acting around Kikaijima. That many photos of a split-second moment would have been something impressive normally, but for Medaka Box’s standards, I’m not too surprised anymore xD

I won’t say much about the request with Yubaru the artist, since I’ve begun to grow bored with the rinse-and-repeat, but do find solace in the Enforcers arc that’s coming up next episode. All I’ll mention is that Team Special’s resident lolicon could have decided to mention his…preferences before crushing the nearly the entire cast + supporting characters introduced so far xD

Episode 8 Impression

Here we go, it’s finally the prelude arc to Medaka Box’s huge genre shift – if you’ve been disappointed with the series thus far, then this will definitely make you change your mind. And it’s all centering around the first rival group to the Student Council – the Disciplinary Committee. Why the school has a need for two major groups with powers I have no idea, though it may be something to do with the abnormal level of specials in the school.

Of course, the committee itself (DisCom by HorribleSubs, truly a dodgy abbreviation) has to be specials as well, and the main one introduced today came in the form of Onigase Harigane, a pink-haired, handcuff wielding girl. Mental note, anyone with pink hair has oddly violent tendencies. Much unlike Zenkichi’s jacket, is it some kind of trend in anime nowadays? Let’s call in Medaka to save the day!

I feel that the DisCom are sometimes stirring up trouble over nothing – it’s no wonder that all of Onigase’s friends just upped and left her  when she first joined. In a school as diverse as Hakoniwa, you’d be hard pressed to get every single student to follow even a simple rule like school uniform, especially when someone like Medaka isn’t ashamed of any part of her body xD Maybe Onigase getting pissed is partly related to the fact that she has small boobs rather…obvious physical difference that Medaka has been blessed with. Despite all that though, she’s not a bad character – she’s accepting all the good that Medaka’s done for the school, and is surprised at how easily Medaka trusts someone and ends up feeling bad about tricking her, much like how Isahaya-senpai ended up reforming.

Not all the DisCom are as friendly as Onigase turned out to be, and that’s where the real conflict comes in. Meet Unzen Myouri, the head of the committee. 10 years old, and he can break a games console with one finger. How will the Student Council stand up to this guy?

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