Naruto Shippuden Episode 262: Fated Rematch



The Commando Unit led by Kankuro sets up camp and prepares traps around the forest, however Deidara and Sasori quickly incapacitate some of the Allied shinobi and use them as traps in order to take out Kankuro’s unit. Sai’s brother Shin reveals himself to be one of the corpses under the Edo Tensei, and a battle between them begins, while Kankuro engages Sasori, intent on paying him back for that time back in Suna.


Things did start off a little slow, but when things got going, they moved at a really fast pace, which was nice to see. I sometimes forget that the war is comprised of the vast majority of the shinobi world (or those with power, anyway) and that things aren’t just made up of our main cast – we have other characters too, such as the several Hyuuga we saw today or the Aburame guy that ended up getting himself blown up by some of Deidara’s clay. We were reminded of the sheer numbers going up against Akatsuki from the division split, as Darui led his division one way and Gaara the other.

So one of the main battles going on now is Sai vs his brother, Shin whom he met while in Root. My memory is a little fuzzy since it was so long ago, but I remember Sai having forged his only real bond (before joining Team 7) with Shin, and the pair being really close. Also, I seem to recall something about the way Shin died and the effect it had on Sai o.O There’s no way Kabuto would have known the relationships between the deceased and the people they happen to come across, so it was just a really bad coincidence that Sai has to end up fighting a guy he actually cares about, especially given that there aren’t many of those people. He makes this really scary Sasuke-like face, which is impressive after all his emotional conditioning.

On the other side of things we have Kankuro vs Sasori, which is in fact a rematch from all that time ago in Suna, when Sasori and Deidara first appeared. Kankuro’s not a little boy anymore, so it’ll be a much more interesting match – wait, wasn’t he already Jounin post-timeskip? Sasori kinda had the advantage due to knowing his own puppets that time round, so I’m hoping for some sly puppet skills using Sasori’s old body – which actually makes no sense for Kankuro to have, since there’s nothing left for Kabuto to revive Sasori from. Anyway, hopefully the battle will be at least slightly more evenly matched than the last one, which was so stacked against Kankuro I’m not sure it could even be called a battle xD

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