Nazo No Kanojo X ep 4: Friendship and Drool

Ueno is happy because his girlfriend will soon be wearing her summer PE uniform…..hotness ensues.

Oka, Ueno’s girlfriend, actually comes over and asks to eat lunch with Urabe. (probably because Urabe’s seat is right by where her secret boyfriend eats) Urabe only agrees if she can stay asleep, but smells Oka’s cooking and is impressed. Oka then proceeds to feed her….which…is both adorable and awkwardly hot.

Later on the walk home Tsubaki asked what happened to make Oka sit by her, and admitted it made him happy to see she had friends. Urabe says she doesn’t need friends because she has Tsubaki. In the hands of almost any other teenage girl that would have been creepy, but Tsubaki and I share the happiness because Urabe’s strange solitude is overcome by their LOVE BAW.

As they depart, someone oversees them…and Tsubaki day dreams that she would say ‘aaah’. They don’t see the person who sees them together so they just leave as normal…and Tsubaki has adorkable dreams.

Urabe gets injured during gym class and Oka takes her to the nurses office. There Oka drinks water after Urabe and so the cut on her knee becomes …transferred?! Urabe gives her hand a cut and then gives Oka her drool, and proves that there is a connection between them. Now on a side note, I find Oka boring. Ueno is funny so I excuse his boring stuff, but Oka is legit just a character who kind of makes Tsubaki and Urabe’s characters go different places. She is a tool character, used only to incite emotions in people, and I can tell it from the story. Not to mention I’m not too fond of her character design, so all around Oka does not inspire me at all. Anyway, Oka reveals to Urabe that she has a boyfriend too and that she saw Urabe and Tsubaki together.

In a humorous moment, Tsubaki gets Urabe’s injuries later from her spit, and she forgot that would happen xD …Huh. Guess I gotta eat my words. Oka’s kind of cute in the anime. In the manga she is …not very much so. But the anime is making me find her cute…damn you anime! Anyway, she gives Urabe some of HER drool and implies this means she hasn’t kissed Tsubaki yet. Which needs to happen now, incidentally. And then it seems they’ll eat lunch together everyday from now on…hot sauce.

They eat lunch together….cutely….and tsubaki and Ueno happen to see them, and Tsubaki notes that Urabe is mysterious as ever.

Since my post is a few days late I’ll now commence in,

Oki rambles about shows and their meanings

When it comes to Mysterious Girlfriend X, I have always thought the point of the show was rather honest. Rather, it really shows how people feel in relationships instead of glamorizing them. I can tell you now as a person I have felt what Tsubaki has more commonly than I have felt what say, Tsukushi and Tsubasa from Hana Yori Dango have. That’s why the show is so interesting, because it’s kids of a certain age talking about what kids really talk about. I’m barely out of being a teenager myself, and that’s why I can relate these feelings so well. I live with my boyfriend and I still have a hard time with some aspects of relationships.

I think what makes this show good is that the psychology of it isn’t forced on you, too. 80% of the episodes are real issues and feelings, like this episode was Urabe’s loner personality conflicting with her connection to Oka. I’ve felt that before. But then, 20% of it was still drool and panty scissors. Incidentally, panty scissors, a okay with me. You know that these kids are going through what you have gone through not because they’re End-of-Evangelion mindfucking you, but because they’re experiencing things you can recall experiencing, or at least coming close to experiencing.

So far, this show has done the manga justice and is a good commentary on real relationships and the sexuality involved in them. As we continue along the series, I’ll discuss more things. For instance, kissing, peer pressure, urges, and all those other fun things I know you want to skim over while looking for the panty scissors screenshots!


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