Wow, I can't say I expected that.


After Otohime’s death, everyone mourns while searching for the murderer. When they find him, it turns out to be a human, and Hordy shows everyone who he is in order to prove that humans cannot be trusted. Otohime’s funeral ensues, where Fukaboshi and his brothers talk to everyone how they want to start again from the beginning and realize Otohime’s dream of living up above.

The difference in size will always amaze me.

The second part of the episode brings us back to the present, where Nami holds no grudge against Jimbei whatsoever, since he couldn’t have known what he did. It is then decided that everyone will go back to Fish-Man Island to try and fix whatever bad deeds Hordy Jones has done, however before anyone has a chance to move a Video Snail Transponder appears and shows them a video of said antagonist, who wants to talk to them.
UGH WHAT A BASTARD!!! Hordy, that is. He shouldn’t have tried to destroy Otohime’s hopes… He’s an evil man.
See what you did? D: Bastard.

You can see through him how much discrimination runs deep between humans and fish-men. He can go so far as to destroy everything just because he doesn’t want to get close to humans, and considering he’s probably the one who killed Otohime in the end, that guy needs a beating. A SERIOUS ONE.
This episode was super emotional and dramatic, Queen Otohime might have sounded like a crazy maniac until just before her death, but at least she managed to convince everyone beforehand that she wasn’t and died as a true hero. With this, Fukaboshi and the other Princes took over her dream, and now that in the present they have enough signatures to go to the summit, I’m glad they’ll slowly overcome every obstacle that comes their way and eventually reduce discrimination to a bare minimum.
Moving on, I thought I liked the characters who showed up in flashbacks… Until I saw the Strawhat Pirates again. Yeah, forget it, the characters like Otohime which I “liked” don’t even come close on the scale. First off, seeing how Luffy didn’t change one bit and fell asleep throughout the whole story was hilarious. Another good moment to see in this episode was Nami’s speech, where she showed just how open she was and how much she did not discriminate despite having suffered so much because of Arlong. This show knows how to portray different views on racism really well, and the more this arc goes on, the more I’m into it because the themes are so serious and well portrayed. You’ve just gotta love this show…
Alright! So, what happens next? This episode pretty much gave us all the answers we needed to figure that out. Hordy will try to prevent Merman Island from being relocated as well as destroy everything because he’s an evil guy and evil guys always want to destroy everything, Luffy will kick his ass, the fishmen will move and Luffy will destroy Merman Island just like the prophecy states, although it won’t matter because everyone’ll be gone. It’s also pretty obvious that Hordy is the one who killed Otohime now, since last episode we saw the hands of a fishman holding the gun, but that hasn’t been stated clearly yet. Basically, this episode gave me all I needed to figure out that this arc isn’t so annoyingly long and boring after all. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes, that’s a given!