Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 5: Dealing with a Broken Heart



Kaoru’s relationship with Ricchan remains awkward until she musters up the courage to reply, telling him that she likes someone else, with Sentarou overhearing. Kaoru, suffering from a broken heart loses motivation and stops coming to the after school practices, until one day when he receives a letter informing him of the location of his mother, who split with his father when he was little. Along with Sentarou, Kaoru goes to Tokyo to sort himself out, meet his mother and maybe even fix his heartache.


Maybe there was less drama and angst in this episode compared to last week’s tension, but it sure didn’t deter the fact that, like every other week, Sakamichi no Apollon manages to pull off another victory. We’ve got so many different fronts to look out for, aided by the fact that the jazz is taking a backseat for now as the relationships progress.

One that surprisingly got a bit more attention was the Junichi x Yurika pairing, where Yurika just happens to have many coincidences that led her into running into Junichi, the least of them being the cake shop that his family owns. I feel quite sorry for Sentarou, since Yurika only sees him as a friend at most, while similarly Ricchan gets questioned on bringing Yurika in, with Junichi seeing her as an “outsider”. Ouch, man, none of these pairings are working out right. With Junichi apparently on the run for a month now and getting stalked by Yurika and her spam letters, I’m surprised to find myself interested in this, and wondering how far this ship will manage to sail on for.

If that was the Eastern Front, then the Western Front is all about Kaoru x Ricchan, which has capsized and sunk embarrassingly (for the time being). Even if it wasn’t direct, it must have been so hard on Kaoru to hear a rejection from Ricchan, then have to fight a cold war while Ricchan tries to make up for it. I can tell she felt really bad, but probably won’t change her decision – it looks really cheesy to go back on rejecting someone and go: “oh, I fell in love with you eventually”. Sentarou doesn’t seem to have a clue that he’s the object of Ricchan’s affections, though he himself is too smitten with Yurika to realize. Argh, my heart dammit…

Kaoru’s mother was completely different than I’d expected her to be! Maybe it was cause she was so different from the rest of Kaoru’s family, but she turned out to be a social person that wasn’t bound by tradition or standing and instead was able to talk with her son freely about stuff like high school crushes. I’m happy for them both that they managed to reunite, with a little push from Sentarou of course. Sentarou and Kaoru help each other out so much, I really don’t want Kaoru to ever find out that Sentarou is actually the one that Ricchan likes, since it’d be absolutely devastating…

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