Sankarea Episode 5: Zombie Rea



Furuya decides to keep Rea in the closet and turn the air-conditioning on to keep her cool through the rigor mortis stage, and notices that despite being a zombie, she still gets hungry. Meanwhile, Wanko grows more and more interested in Furuya’s relationship with Rea and the fact that the Sanka household is in an uproar following her disappearance, and questions him on it to no avail. When Wanko decides to borrow another zombie DVD from Furuya’s room, she is suddenly attacked by Rea.


Yum, Wanko. They sure didn’t hold back on the yuri goodness today. I was already pretty happy with Rea groping Wanko’s boobs, but to tear her top up and start licking was an even better sight. I bet Furuya had half a mind to just stop and watch them xD Still, why would zombies go for boobs? I was under the impression that they generally do necks or arms, or some other more easily accessible body part – like lips, which made Furuya shut up nicely. Threesome!

There were actually hints that Rea would suddenly revert to a zombie-like state and start attacking people, especially when her stomach growled in the rigor mortis state. Furuya was too off guard – just because Rea doesn’t look like a conventional zombie, doesn’t mean she hasn’t got any other aspects of it either. She sure looks a lot scarier when hungry though o.O Just that insane look in her face already screams dangerous.

Hahahaha, all hell is breaking loose back at the Sanka household. Good. I would have thought that her father would go straight after Furuya in a mad revenge chase, but he seems rational enough to think out a plan first. I think what really hit the nail for Rea was how all her friends and even acquaintances like Wanko are so adoring of her and think she’s so lucky, while in reality it’s the exact opposite. Rea has to live with all these positive comments about what it’s like to be her, when she’ll actually gladly trade places with someone else if she’s given the opportunity. I don’t know whether it was just the art or what, but all the smiles in those photos seemed forced, or just…not natural, even before she became a zombie.

So Wanko knows now, his sister Mero probably knows more than she’s letting on now that she’s seen Babu, and senile old Grandpa may have the key to preserving dead bodies somewhere up there, in that brain with the memory capacity of a goldfish. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not embalming. Mummified Rea would just take away so much of this show’s appeal.

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