Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep 4: Training Camp!


The Paranormal Investigations Club go for a summer training camp at school, staying in one of the old school buildings to look for paranormal activity. Yuuko, jealous that Teiichi isn’t spending time with her plays a prank on him over a so-called “Rock of Curses”, and Kirie wants to find out more about the other evil spirit that she sensed the presence of.


So it looks like even a semi-horror/ghost based story can pull off a swimsuit episode, albeit not with the usual activities. The school had a convenient swimming pool which subbed out quite well for a beach, given that Yuuko would probably scare everyone else off if they went, if you look past the fact that she can’t actually leave the school (I think).

Kirie just had to confirm her tsundere status by being very conscious of both Yuuko’s and Momoe’s boobies, while poor Teiichi was forced not to look at Momoe by Yuuko, who only wants him to look at her. Wait, how is that a bad thing? What a waste of privileges T_T

For some reason, I had actually thought the Rock of Curses was a proper supernatural thing – after all, if Yuuko exists other paranormal stuff shouldn’t be too far off the mark either. Obviously I had forgotten about Yuuko and her childishness, as well as Teiichi over reacting at seeing his name on the rock written with a marker pen because I did jump a bit when I saw the rock xD The scenery in this ep was amazing – like something you’d find out of a Makoto Shinkai movie, just without the intricate quality. Silver Link really pulled off some really stunning stuff though.

Everyone can sense that these “smaller” episodes are heading towards something big soon, which would be the weird shadow following Kirie around – a real evil spirit, which is unlikely to be one of Yuuko’s pranks seeing how slowly this is being built up. It’s still possible this is connected to Yuuko, but I don’t think she’s at fault. Probably.

  • Random Note: Someone needs to tell Momoe that Yuuko is real already. Half the supernatural incidents caused at the school are her fault anyway xD
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