Tsuritama episode 5: First Job


Who would have possibly guessed that Yuki would end up on a boat on the sea. He is the same guy that we saw nearly drown just from jumping in the water to save Haru last episode. I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t have a clue how to swim and yet he is in the middle of the Ocean on a small rocking fishing boat, doesn’t anyone else seem to realize a small safety hazard here?

Nevertheless, he became so awesome near the end of the episode. His rapid evolution of character because of his new job reminded me of myself when I was younger and got my first job. I might not have been as socially awkward as Yuki, but I remember that my social skills improved a lot after only the first year of working retail. It is the same thing for Yuki, he will slowly gain confidence as he obtains more experience and since he is having fun at his job too, he will have an even easier time doing so.

It is funny how a single person can change the life of so many. Haru arrived out of nowhere to this little town and completely changed and helped people around him for the best. Sometimes a single person can makes such a huge difference in your life. In the very first episode of Tsuritama one can remember that Yuri had trouble making friends with anyone, not only that, he had trouble even considering speaking to someone. He just kept on having anxiety attack whenever someone approached him. Now he actually greets people and he doesn’t try to kill everyone and run away in fear when someone tries to enter in communication with him. That is some major improvement.

Although I love this show, it is sometimes a little difficult to blog since there is so little happening in the end, or everything that do happens is so meaningless once said that there simply isn’t much to elaborate uppon once it is done, I’ll have to see what I can come up with to make the review for Tsuritama a little more interesting.

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