Tsuritama episode 6: The high price of Tuna Fish


It was bound to happen, we already know something kind of unnatural and messed up involving fishing and dragon was bound to happen and I have a feeling that it just started.

Dragon time

Before this episode everything was just some random ugly-looking slice of life story about some kids learning how to enjoy life by fishing, but now there is dragons are getting involved somehow, after all, some random duck was far from enough to complete the circle of randomness of this show.

this is what I call a real fish orgy

It was really fun to see everyone getting closer together and finally overcoming their social inabilities with their new job, it is the kind  of character development that I love to watch and which I particularly enjoy. But now that some really weird and unexpected stuff will happen I am uncertain what to think about the future of the show. I really loved the casual feel of the show, the fact that nothing was never going to happen, but now that dragon, memory-lapse and spirited away boats are part of the equation, I am really unsure how things will turn out. Will the new-found adventure and mystery bring more fun to the story? or will it destroy the only thing the story had going for it up until now?

Just what is that even supposed to be?

For some reason Haru used his gun again this episode, even though he had promised not to anymore, now why is that? Was it because he went crazy near the end and loss control of his own will? Or was it all part of some mischievous plan? Somehow, I have trouble imagining Haru being anything close to evil, I think the notion of evil is something is mind can’t even possibly understand. Haru is so innocent that it is difficult to believe he could have any ill intention, but then again, he is an alien with the goal to catch or stop some kind of predator that lies in the sea. Now what purpose is there to catch it? he claims it is to save the world, but is it really the case? Just what does he needs to catch anyway and why couldn’t he do it himself?

There are so many question that can be asked right now, because the story is just about to unfold and there is nothing just yet that tell us what we might have to expect next.  From the show description we could guess some kind of epic and random supernatural adventure is about to happen, but I somehow doubt that any real adventure will appear in this show, I have a feeling that it will keep its slice of life way and that the adventure will be the social and psychological development of the characters more than anything else.

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