Accel World Episode 9: Chrome Disaster

“Oh, you really are red. It’d be fun to hang you from traffic lights, and stop cars.”



Kuroyukihime and Taku meet the Red King in Haruyuki’s house, who identifies herself as Kouzuki Yuniko. Niko tells them that the reason she was after Haru was because of Silver Crow’s wings, who would be able to hold down the latest incarnation of Chrome Disaster, a Burst Linker who became possessed by a cursed set of armour and is going on a wild rampage. Because the victim, Cherry Rook is from Niko’s legion, it becomes her responsibility to stop it. Kuroyukihime agrees that this will provide good experience, and after Taku goes home the two stay over at Haruyuki’s house while planning to make a move the next day.

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I wish I had an imouto like Niko…yes, even with the violent tendencies attached, oddly enough. It makes sense that part of why she’s able to pull off such tactics like her fortress in battle or staking out Haruyuki’s school at the cost of points is that she’s actually much older than her age looks. Seeing as one second in the real world is something like 16 minutes while accelerating, if you stack that up you end up with Burst Linkers who are mentally advanced yet still get treated like their physical age, which equals people with cynical personalities like Niko. At heart she’s a good kid though, and I want to take her home.

I’m sure Kuroyukihime does as well, even if she isn’t going to admit it. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife…and I clearly understand why they’re worthy to be kings now. Someone like Haru could never verbally battle like that, as short as the exchange was. Running to Taku for help, indeed. As fast as KYH’s cunning side came though, it disappeared, and was replaced with…ack…it’s so moe, I’M GONNA DIE O_O

Now onto the main matter at hand – Chrome Disaster. A Burst Linker that ended up being a literal disaster when his armour started possessing people, and was thus taken out by the kings yet still caused havoc through his sentient armour. To be frank, I had a suspicion that the…thing Niko was looking over last episode was linked to the situation somehow, but I never thought that it was actually a person inside that monster-like exterior. Seriously, it seemed more like a boss NPC than a human at all. I’m sure Haruyuki’ll have fun taking down something that the kings had trouble with in the past. Now that Niko has allied with KYH, it’s unlikely the other kings will turn up to help, making this even harder. Sucks to be him I guess…or maybe not?

  • Random Notes: HAHAHA, Haru getting bullied by two girls. Taku sure read the situation well.
  • Niko is already a cute nickname, Yuniko-san.
  • Kuroyukihime has enough power to hack into something that can’t be forged? 
  • I heard from someone that’s read the LNs that Chrome Disaster has a background worth looking into, maybe after the anime’s over since I doubt we’ll get as far as Vol 5 or whatever it was. 
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