Hunter x Hunter (2011 – Remake) Episodes 1 – 21: The Hunter Examination

“Being a hunter is so great; he was willing to abandon his own kid.” – Gon Freecss


The hit series, Hunter x Hunter suddenly got a remake back from 2011 with a better story flow and has a greater relation with the manga as planned.


The series started with Gon, trying out for the Hunter Examination then met some friends and foes; challenging every stage of the Hunter examination.

The usually flow of the Examination was as close with the original series: The Captain’s initial examinee selection – where Gon, Kurapika and Leorio met each other on a stormy day, Satotz’ long walk and run – where they met Killua, Numere Wetland’s trickery illusions – where the party first fought against Hisoka, Menchi’s cooking exam – where all of them failed and needed to get special eggs instead, Exam at the Trick Tower – where choice of your teammates matters, Tag Phase – where everyone chase out applicants to get their tags to get points, and the Final Phase – where everyone who completes the four Phases fight with each other.


First and foremost, I need to congratulate Madhouse for doing the series. The animation is a blast, quality has always been great during the whole episodes so far, and I can’t believe I am enjoying the fighting scenes so much! There’s really nothing more entertaining than fighting scenes that can kick ass!

The character designs became better, or maybe it is just the animation style or so. But the outcome of the first episode made me really hooked up with the series again – no, more than ever!

I also like how they emitted some boring parts and added more humor to the series also got rid of the bloody scenes as well. They made it short; otherwise 21 episodes couldn’t really cover the whole Hunter Exam. They made the best choice so far where story flow is concerned. The usual summary episodes are there as well.

Leorio looked so much better! I had always thought he needs more attention, character-wise. Although some of my favorite scenes from the original series was not included but I like everything up so far. There are also some changes in hair color to some examinees and maybe some characters which I hadn’t really notice. Hisoka is sexier than ever and I can finally realize about his ball-like belly.

Seiyuu-wise, I have no complaints, they’ve picked the best and I’m seriously attached to Hisoka’s voice actor.


I’ll be reviewing the next part, which is the Kukuroo Mountain: Zoldyk Family House, where Gon gets Killua from the assassin family.

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