Naruto Shippuden Episode 266: The First and Last Opponent



As Zabuza’s mist is the main problem hindering the Allied Forces, Kakashi comes up with a detailed plan to take him out, ending the jutsu. As he goes to strike him with Raikiri though, Haku intercepts it and dies, in a manner identical to what happened back in the Land of Waves. He is resurrected because of Edo Tensei and Kakashi summons the resolve to beat Zabuza and end it this time round, as he was their last opponent, intending to keep it that way.

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That was a smart way they introduced the Seven Swordsmen – by having Suigetsu narrate it to both Jugo and us viewers as they went around killing people in the mist. I recognized the fat one (whose name I have already forgotten) as the guy Kisame betrayed and stole Samehada off as well as Suigetsu’s brother Mangetsu, but the others were pretty new to me, and will be sealed off soon enough I expect. Contrary to something I speculated, the swords they have seem to be the real deal since not all of the swordsmen have swords. I’m assuming Kabuto took it from Suigetsu when he was locked up and gave it to Zabuza – it was his sword in the first place, after all. Though I never knew it could reform itself using iron in blood. That would have made him much scarier back in the Land of Waves.

I liked Kakashi’s plan, as dodgy as it was xD Given that there were six other swordsmen apart from Haku hidden in that mist, it was quite a reckless tactic especially since everyone else were dropping like flies. Seriously, it seemed like Kakashi, the Nara and the Yamanaka were the only guys doing any work (as well as Gai and Lee) since everyone else just sat there and gave death cries at the right time. Truly, being a support character is suffering.

It sure brought me back when Haku got his chest torn apart again by Kakashi, though how Kabuto got that bit of information on how he died I have no idea. Once again, Zabuza moved to cut Kakashi down through Haku, and I felt really sentimental watching them go at each other like they did back when the series first started. Kakashi probably found it easier the first time since Zabuza was mentally reeling over Haku’s death, but he did fine fighting him properly too. I’m surprised by how fast the pace of these battles are going at too – right after Zabuza and Haku were sealed, it’s straight on to the next battle without any calm at all.

Things look like they’re be heating up on the Gaara front next week, especially since those reanimated corpses look suspiciously familiar…

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