One Piece Episode 550: Things Not To do At Home

1)Take drugs

2) Be drunk

3) Eat your home

4) Be afraid of the sun

No wonder they’re all bad guys.


This week, we get to meet the lieutenants! After a short presentation of each of them,we meet Hordy again, who now looks like a steroid addict- Oh wait, he is.

Remember, kids, drugs are bad.

Moving on, Luffy and Jimbei are still arguing like children, and nothing happens there. Meanwhile, Hordy transforms into a hell of a maniac due to the steroids, causing his hair to go white and his consciousness to disappear into the depths of nothingness.
Well, this episode was… okay I guess? It’s sad how I like all the other characters except Hordy. I mean, he couldn’t even be cool just like that, he needed drugs to be cool. Guys, this isn’t high school. Drugs aren’t cool anymore.
Although, he's an exception. He's cool when taking drugs.

On a better note, all the other lieutenants we met were much more awesome in personality. I personally have a liking to the one who ate a factory, and the reason for that is simply that he ate a freakin’ factory. I also liked the -DOSUUUUUUUUN! guy, although he needed energy steroids he still sounded awesome because of him yelling out random crap. The only 2 I didn’t like as much were the drunkard and the invisible guy, probably because they’re a bit unoriginal. I mean, we’ve had an invisible guy already (during Thriller Bark), and someone doing a drunken dance is also pretty generic, so I’m a bit iffy about those two, but apart from them everyone else is awesome.
SQUID!!!! Oh wait, it's a fish-man.

I’m also annoyed at how Toei pulls out a few of these cliffhangers. I thought last episode focused more than enough on Luffy and Jimbei, and now in this episode we see them for a big 30 seconds and nothing happens? Come on. Was was that whole cliffhanger about, then? Pff.
Next episode will be…Uhhh…??? To be honest, I have no idea, but it seems like we’ll have to wait a few episodes still in order for us to have some badass action, so I’m only half-looking forward to it.

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