Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 9: Love Me or Leave Me


Kaoru is trying to distance himself from Ricchan, and doesn’t realize that her feelings for him have changed completely now, and that her knitting is actually for him instead of for Sentarou. When Sentarou confronts her on her feelings, she laughs it off realizing that he is more like family to him, which is met with relief by Sentarou. After one last jam session with Junichi, he heads off to Tokyo but is met by Yurika at the station; she agrees to go back to her old life but when Junichi understands that it means an arranged marriage for her, he pulls her on the train with him.

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And so things come full circle. For some of the characters anyway. One pairing that I’m completely happy with is Junichi and Yurika. I know both of them were willing to let the other go to lead their own lives, but I’m sure we all felt the pang that Junichi did when Yurika’s parents came storming out in public, shouting about running out of arranged marriage meetings. Junichi loves her enough to leave her as he does not want to give her an insecure life, but on the other hand he also loves her enough to know when to make the right choice – and I’m sure he’ll work his hardest to give his love the very best he can. It almost feels like the book is closing on the lives of those two, and if we see them again I want it to be once they’re successful and happy.

Ricchan has finally sorted her emotions and has acted on them – her willingness to search through a bin on a public street for her ball of yarn shows just how dedicated she is to winning back Kaoru’s feelings once she’s realized his own. It’s true that Kaoru is quite thick himself for not realizing Ricchan’s feelings, but I suppose he’s not looking too hard on purpose in a way, since he doesn’t want to be too disappointed if he gets his hopes up. I wonder how he’ll interpret the gloves he’s been given? Very thoughtful for a pianist to be given gloves as a present by the way.

Ricchan’s also said it outright to Sentarou that she’s gotten over him now, which seems to have relieved him. That’s good in a way, meaning that Sentarou won’t be Kaoru’s rival for Ricchan’s love – but then who’s left for Sentarou? It makes me feel uneasy inside to think that this guy will be the one left out in love even though he’s got such a big heart, and I do really want this show to have a happy ending for everyone.

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