Sankarea Episode 8: Kidnapping Gone Wrong


Furuya takes Rea out to a shopping mall to fulfil one of her requests. However, unknown to the both of them, Rea’s father has employed three guys to kidnap Rea and take her back to his mansion.

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Rea did mention that one of her wishes for Furuya to carry out (or responsibility, as she puts it) was to go shopping, and it’s times like this when you realize the kind of life she’s had to lead so far – shopping is a completely unfamiliar concept to her, and it’s bewildering that something as simple as that can make her so happy. He kinda looked like a stalker carrying that video camera – come on Furuya, there’s a hot zombie girl on a date with you, at least act more interested in the stuff she wants to do.

Speaking of stalkers, there were some real ones after Rea, sent by a certain someone – three guesses, first two don’t count. Just when things seemed to be going well for Rea and Furuya, the oppressive dad has to turn up again and send out three shady men to capture a young girl in broad daylight. I wonder why no-one seemed to care that a girl was getting kidnapped in the middle of a busy shopping center, though it ended up more comedic than anything else, what with Rea’s absurd zombie strength and the guys not letting the kids go on their mall rides. Yasutaka hitting on her gave me a weird combination of feelings from annoyance to being grateful that he was there, though Rea should have been able to handle them alright if she knew what was going on. I bet those guys are getting paid a ton to chase after a teenage girl in a mall xD

Unfortunately they had to make do with Furuya, and I’m not sure whether that was better than Rea getting captured instead. Between the father castrating Furuya and the father being a sick pedo to his daughter, it’s quite hard to pick the lesser of two evils when they’re both…so evil. The dad doesn’t seem like someone that can be reasoned with at all simply because he’s so cray cray, but I’m sure Furuya will figure something out xD

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