Sankarea Episode 9: Is This a Zombie?


One of Mero’s friends, Ichie is intent on proving the existence of zombies, and goes after their teacher Yamanouchi-sensei after witnessing her feed raw meat to something in a bag, as well as eating some of it herself. After discovering the animal was an alligator as well as a few more successive failures, Mero mentions that she has a zombie freeloading at her house, but her friends are less than impressed of her picture with Rea.

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I suppose this was a stand-alone episode of sorts, since the last I remember, Furuya was in the back of a van after being kidnapped and definitely not at home, calling for Rea to go indoors because it was sunny outside. Either way, we saw Furuya’s dedication towards Rea from a point of view that wasn’t his – because to us, he might have looked slightly lazy and unwilling, but to someone like Mero or their dad, he’s never worked that hard for someone else’s sake before. I think they’ve grasped the fact Rea is a zombie, but why they’re not opposed to it I’m not too sure – they do live in a temple after all.

With a brother and a friend that’s obsessed with zombies (I thought Ichie was a boy at first) I’m surprised Mero hasn’t flipped over all the zombie fanatics around her, what with living with a zombie, and having a friend that’s determined to prove their existence. The “case” with the creepy teacher suddenly became a lot less creepy when the thing in the bag was just an alligator, but I was still a bit freaked out by how she randomly ate a piece of raw meat just because her pet liked it. I suppose anyone could have gotten the wrong impression though – who wouldn’t if you saw your teacher talking to a bag and feeding it food in an empty classroom?

As adorable as Mero already is with her deadpan face on all the time, it was nice to see her show some emotion over her dead mother, who for some reason was bandaged up suspiciously with a hand that can’t feel temperatures. Is it too far-fetched to suggest that she might have been a zombie too? The grandpa certainly has connections to zombies, and is probably one himself. Anyway, Rea unknowingly repeated Mero’s only memory of her mom pretty accurately, which was very maternal of her ^^ I’ve always felt that Rea was trying to get closer to Mero and get to know her more, but found it hard because she’s always so…neutral all the time. In any case, it’s good that she’s starting to form bonds with people other than Furuya. Her life before this has been a living hell after all.

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