Arcana Famiglia Episode 4: The Fool and His Mask

The word of a fool is worth more than it appears…


Liberta and Felicita travel across town on an errand for Sumire, and Liberta picks up a familiar mask for their troubles. He suddenly recalls memories and powers that were originally suppressed by Dante and Jolly from when he was at the orphanage where he grew up. Felicita discovers the truth of Liberta’s powers from Dante, and is forced to keep it a secret because Liberta cannot control his own Arcana at this time.


There was a definite  loss of hope that the beginning of the episode, and it didn`t get better towards the end. What I have established about this show is that they will lead you in some worthless errand (remember cat-chasing?), and then attempt to tie that into some kind of growth or development of character.

Liberta takes the main stage in this episode to have his powers and backstory developed. It seems that the fighting between the Arcana hasn’t started yet, so Felicita and Liberta has plenty of time to do things like deliver scarves.

Mafia. Delivering scarves. Dude, the kids last episode was pretty overkill, why not just drop the mafia name and just call yourselves…angels? Nannies? They’re not edgy at all, and it’s really annoying how this is all about the men wanting to serve/possess their ojou-sama. The relationship between Liberta and Felicita was developed a bit more, but at the same time, it’s being tested, as Felicita is forced by Dante to keep the secret of Liberta’s power from him.

Liberta was born in an orphanage up north, and when he loses control of  his powers, he destroys the entire orphanage, and is saved by the “masked hero”, aka Dante. Does that mean he killed the other orphans in the resulting explosion? Why can’t they just teach him to control his emotions, instead of letting him group up as a “Fool” and not be able to use his power seriously? I’m sure Liberta can grasp the overall concept of his power, and his kind nature (although foolish and naïve) will prevent him from misusing it.

Felicita is nothing more than an emotional female that tries to solve the problems of others, which I guess is OK if she’s going to be the leader of the band of merry mafia someday, but does she really need to just nod meekly when Liberta says he’s going to win this for her? UGH, YELL AT HIM! GET UP! You’re supposed to acknowledge him as a worthy opponent, not as your potential defeator and champion/husband.

I really just want to see Felicita beat people up. Unfortunately this is not happening, so you have  to understand my frustration.


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