The Second Reproduction [game overview + Gardis summary]

This is a review of the sexy game, Second Reproduction. I’ll be doing an overview of all the routes and an extensive summary of Gardis, king of demons <3


The main premise of this game is extremely badass and interesting. You are the Princess Christina sent to kill Gardis, the King of Demons, by order of your mother. You are the 25th True Champion and your fellow knight and comanion Lezette accompanies you. As you move to attack King Gardis he completely curbstomps you and Lezette. Insert the beginning of a game where you are invited to Gardis’ home as guests, with Lezette imprisioned by a neck brace that will kill him if he leaves the demon country.

Now here’s the downlow mi amigos. You have three options for romance in this game- Lezette, Gardis, and Jin. Lezette is your knight who is obviously madly in love with you and you’re too dumb to notice. Jin is Gardis’ Ambassador and completely intelligent. Now, to do this game justice you can only play one route. Gardis has the best route hands down, makes the most sense, changes Christina’s views on things but not Christina, and is generally the most lovable and interesting of all three. So to make you understand why I say that, let’s look at the overall game + Lezette and Jin.
The games basic premise is that through your experiences in Gardis’ home you learn more about the demons you’re supposed to be killing. You see that you never put much thought into what you were doing and learn overtime that what you were doing is wrong. The best part about it is that the game definitely develops Christina in a way that seems believable. She doesn’t just click right out of being the True Champion programmed to kill demons, and her hesitation to change causes even more deaths and a lot of sorrow for herself.

Now, the game as an interesting twist midway. You go back in time in order to change the things that happen in the game. Yup, we just got a peggy sue moment up in hurr. The thing is, your choice in partner changes how this happens. The pivotal moment of all three storylines is when your mother sends you a letter telling you to kill yourself to preserve your honor. Well you, Christina rather, don’t take it well. At all. In Lezette’s route you wander around hopelessly and then try to drown yourself, and he saves you and then has a sexy moment with you. In Jin’s story line you succeed in killing yourself. ~Romantic~ In Gardis’ route, he saves you and like in Lezette’s you don’t go back until much later.

Each partner has a significant place in the storyline. Lezette’s tells you of a very intense plot against you by your mother, and Jin’s builds upon what Lezette’s reveals to you. Lezette’s also reveals the true nature of your bloodline. Gardis, as it suits him, has his route relate more to humanity, love, and children. So in that respect you learn more about your mothers human motivations and can disrespect her for those reasons instead! Hooray!

It’s impossible to tell anymore of the story with detailing why Lezette and Jin’s stories are not very good.  So let’s start with why Lezette’s isn’t very good.

Lezette is boring from the get go. I really tried to like him, really I did, but he is nothing outside of the ordinary from his trope. He is your loyal and dedicated knight who would sacrifice himself to protect you! He loves you above all! There is nothing unique about him. He eventually sleeps with you once you beg him to, which incidentally Chris also loses her motivating and powerful character in this route, and then it takes him three years to man up and want to marry you instead of whining about how he’s unworthy. Oh shut up Lezette. He looks like a cross between Ichigo of Bleach and Suzaku of Code Geass as well. Nothing about his loyalty and dedication impress or excite me. In fact, he doesn’t really even seem to have much basis for his affection other than love by proxy. And once the going gets tough he just abandons you in the demon world because you’re getting back a mysterious set of memories and he blames himself.


Oh, and get this. He blames himself because your mother repressed memories of a horrible act and thinks your mother will hurt you because she threatened him to keep it a secret from you. You know. The mother that already told you to kill yourself. That he has implied he knew about.  He abandons you. IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY. KILLS HIMSELF. BECAUSE HE’S WORRIED THE MOTHER WHO ALREADY TOLD YOU TO KILL YOURSELF WILL HURT YOU.



But while Lezette’s is just dumb and not very fun, Jin’s is outright offensive. This is coming from booby lady Oki here- Jin’s is extremely triggery. Basically in Jin’s you start over the time line after killing yourself and he invites you to his room for drinks. Like a dumbass you think, oh it’ll be fine. What kind of woman is Christina?? She is smart and independent and while she can certainly trust and be nice to Jin there’s no fucking way the woman we just saw try to beat the shit out of so many people would fall for the I’M GONNA GET DRUNK WITH A PERVERSE MAN trick. She even gets so drunk that she willingly undresses in front of him and he takes advantage of her drunken stupor to outright have sex with her. And this is no big deal to anyone. ANYONE.

yes he’s hot. is he a dick? yes. seriously people bitch about mako from the legend of korra HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY

And the basis of their relationship from this point on is that Jin is extremely jealous and posessive of her. Half the time he only recieves dubious consent from Christina and in the three year sequel he outright rapes her for wanting a divorce from him. Not just that, he tells her they haven’t had a child because he didn’t want one and he’s been keeping that from her the whole time. He didn’t want one because she wasn’t paying enough attention to him as is. So he literally rips off her clothes and says, You wanted a child didn’t you? And Chris just takes it and forgives him. And wants to have sex with him later to concieve a child in a not so sad way COME ON THAT IS NOT CHRISTINA THAT IS JUST WOOBIE GIRL. SERIOUSLY AS THAT RATE JUST HAVE US PLAY AS SOMEONE ELSE THAT’S NOT EVEN HER. It’s infuriating, triggery, and definitely not love. The only thing to it’s name is the fact that before the incredibly clear rape scene in the sequel he was kind of cute and awkwardly sweet. But I can’t legitimately enjoy a spousal rape story and then her just ACCEPTING IT.  Even the resolution is basically Jin seduces/convinces Christina’s second sister to rebel against her mother to end the war. So it’s pretty rushed.

Now let’s please talk about Gardis because if I talk anymore about Lezette the boring or Jin the…well you know, I will probably throw up.

Gardis the King of Demons. From the very start he’s badass and cool. Christina and Lezette combined can’t even scratch the awesome might of his hotness. He tries to genuinely convince the two of them about the truths of the demon race and actually manages to be an awesome really cool guy the whole way through. It’s implied that he fell in love with Christina at first sight, the raging passion in her eyes catching his heart. That was a little more woobie than I intended it to be. But dammit IT’S ADORABLE

In the romance with Gardis you basically fall in love over a process. It’s actually perfect in that respect, growing and developing in a wonderful sense. With Lezette you just lose him and then realize it, and with Jin apparently sex = love. But with Gardis you know where you stand. The guy dotes on you endlessly and then whenever he’s serious he still shows how much he loves you. There’s a really badass element to your sexuality to. In the first timeline he refuses to sleep with you because he knows he’ll die and he wants you to live on and marry someone else. In the end he even taunts you to the point of killing him yourself with this, causing you endless heartache before being stabbed yourself and dying with the wish to hold Gardis’ child in your hands.

ooooh right in the feels

TALK ABOUT REALISM. Wow, people actually sexually attracted to each other?! People actually growing into love?! Learning from your mistakes?! Not to mention I really have a thing for smaller girls and bigger guys….and white hair to black hair…and demon guys with long fingernails…..and hot explanations of sexual intercourse that aren’t fully detailed……and DAMMIT THIS PAIRING MAKES ME TOO HAPPY IN PLACES IT SHOULDN’T MAKE ME HAPPY

Gardis is genuine in everything he says and only ever does things to protect you. He knocks you up, WHICH IS ADORABLE AND BABIES AAAH, and refuses to let you do anything. Fortunately Chris is totally herself and is like NO! I’M GOING TO STOP MY MOMMA! And if you play the game correctly you end up recruiting two kingdoms to your side by helping the research of a disease and by…..buying viagra powder for your sisters…husband…..who is a king and………CURING A DISEASE! Lets just stick with that one.

Lezette ends up butthurt in this ending, but I guess it’s to be expected with his EXTREMELY PREDICTABLE ROMANCE. You even end up killing your mother who admits a part of her hatred is from being used by a demon herself (fun fact: you learn in lezette’s route she has demon blood and magical powers, hurrr) and with the power of love (and by love I mean sword in the heart) you defeat your mother! You end up as Queen of the Demon Realm which I prefer to anything else because you’re just a wife who sits around in Jin’s ending and you rule the kingdom in Lezette’s ending but it doesn’t really work for me because you never had those aspirations or desires and you just got kinda thrown on there since Gardis is jealous. In this one you’re like, OH I’M COOL AND RAISING KIDS AND DOING THINGS AND LOOK AT ME I’M CHRISTINA THE TRUE CHAMPION AND QUEEN WHEEEE

see? love conquers all!…if love is an immensely powerful woman with a sword stabbing her mother

Look guys I can only say this so many times but I’ll say it for you again.



So play this game. But mostly just for Gardis.

Random facts:

In the religion Christina follows, Heterodoxism, you can only have sex on Christmas Eve

You can bond your soul with a demon and live as long as they do, meaning you’ll die only at the same moment as the other

Demons look like children until they lose their virginity. That’s gotta be a really awkward boner killing first time.

Second Reproduction Ratings:
Art: 8/10 (There’s some weird anatomy here and there but it’s some good art otherwise)
Story: 8/10 (The story is engaging and every love choice allows you to learn more about it)
Romance: 7/10 (5 of those points only thanks to Gardis)
Sexiness: 10/10 (All of those points belonging to Gardis)
Best Route: Gardis, which I rate a 9/10!
Overall: 8/10 (but only with Gardis. without him it’s a 4/10)


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