Yuru Yuri ♪♪ Episodes 3 + 4

Note: Due to the randomness of the show, it’s much easier to bullet point all my jumbled thoughts rather than trying to push them into paragraphs xD I’ll be doing that for Yuru Yuri from now on.

Episode 3 Impression

  • Was Sakurako always that entertaining? I’d never really paid much attention to either her or Himawari given that they’ve always just been two girls, one with huge boobs and one almost flat. Both of them are starting to grow on me now, instead of just being those “other” members of the student council.
  • Sakurako’s jealousy was really cute too, and you can really feel the yuri love – uhh, actually it feels a bit more like a mother/daughter thing if you look at it realistically.
  • I kinda get where Sakurako’s coming from, about the whole giant oppai thing. Seriously, in the whole show, Himawari’s boobs are so much more noticeable than any of the other girls to the point where it stands out. Though admittedly it’s her one defining feature lol.
  • They should have spoken more English. We got a lot of that from the K-ON! movie I know, but Engrish is always fun to listen to and it was a pity they got bored of it quickly.
  • Re-doing Valentine’s Day was disappointing in the sense that it feels like recycled material – it’s true that things went differently, but it’s still the same setting and I hoped for something more original. I can’t remember S1’s version too well, but I can bet that Kyouko acted pretty much the same xD
  • I felt so sorry for Yui when Chinatsu first even came up with the idea of giving her a present. Clearly, the producers felt that the horrors Chinatsu created would be too painful for our innocent eyes, and so even chocolate had to be censored. And a scarf. How did the failures turn out to be better than the real thing?
  • We finally got a glimpse, if only a short one of Akari’s crazy sister – yup, the one whose room was full of a random assortment of Akari-related stuff. I’m starting to get the feeling that all her lack of presence is made up for by the obsession that her sister has over her, which would actually make a lot of sense.

Episode 4 Impression

  •  Gas mask Ayano is scaaarrry. She really should have used it to keep everyone away from her precious rum raisin, specially given to her by Kyouko xD
  • Somehow I think Nishigaki-sensei had a more…violent past than the whole thing with Choco (even if that was already a lie) as well as some dodgy motivation for wanting to be involved with explosions.
  • Damn it, I wanted to see how crazy Kyouko’s board game could get. We could have at least gotten more yuri out of it, even if “Kyouko-chan, I love you!” was all we saw. Chitose would have had a field day at least.
  • Akari, you’re terrifying. Seriously, if the show will spam anything in the future, spam that. Because exploiting lack of presence is awesome.
  • This week I only burst out laughing once at the gas mask, which really paled in comparison to me trying NOT to laugh back in Episode 1. Pick up the pace a bit, Yuru Yuri!
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