Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai episode 7: Sexy Healing


Who would have believed from last episode that Ryosuke would overestimate himself and get in unnecessary danger. I wasn’t ready for that, I never would have believed he would attempt to do something like that. It is not like everything is so predictable in this show that you can see it happening two weeks before the actual date.  Of course the show is only an excuse for ecchi and just light enough so it doesn’t count as a hentai. Yet, I feel like the story could be at least a little more interesting, you know, that something else than ecchi happens once in a while. Yes Mina was captured and is held away, but that is about it, there is nothing else to say about that now is there.

The only thing that was interesting this episode was Lisara’s Clan healing abilities. They sure have an interesting way to heal and rejuvenate the wounded, I wouldn’t mind getting hurt near their house, that’s for sure. To be licked everywhere and humped by 3 beautiful ladies, I could care less that they are demons at that point. I think that rather than explain it I’ll just go heavy on the screencaps, it sounds like a rather good idea.

This episode we were also shown a flashback of Mina trying to confess her love to Ryosuke, but being the perverted but dense guy that he is, he had no clue about it. Ryosuke is a funny guy, he is willing to sacrifice his well-being for the good of any women, but he doesn’t understand how one of them can be in love with him. I think it is pretty obvious that when a girl follows you around when you spent most of your time talking about her breast, she is either stupid or interested in you. Having said that, to be fair with Ryosuke, Mina is not the brightest of her kind.

This is about all that is going on this episode, if we overlook the fact that Lisara is being led into a trap but Iria, but we could all care less about that, we know that she will end up in a tentacle rape scenario and Ryosuke will arrive to save her later on with his penis fully erect and at full power.

ZeroG signing off

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