Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episode 8: Nameless Nobody



Sup, I’m your grandfather

Wouldn’t it be sad to be so unoriginal and so bland that no one would ever remember you? If you had no personality, nothing to define you? If you didn’t even have a name? Well at least Assistant can reassure himself, he has a better name than Watashi, but it must be hard on the kid to be non-existent. I knew that some people had identity crises, but it is really serious in his case. Because Assistant  isn’t anyone, it means that he could be everyone. That is the beauty here. Of course, it is extremely sad and confusing to be no one, but it means that you have the potential to become anybody. You can be a nerd, a douchebag, a princess or anything you want, the possibilities are endless. You can become someone like no one else before, or someone who will never stand out. The only problem that Assistant had was that he didn‘t know what he wanted to be, that is why he needed to observe Watashi, in order to to know what other people wanted him to be.

Here is Paradog…meow

This might explain why Assistant turned out so cute and bold in the end. Watashi wanted someone to help her out and someone to put in the friendzone. I mean, why would she get the perfect boyfriend while she has the chance, when instead she can just imagine the perfect mute gay-friend to hang out with?  At least Assistant is a bad ass and he is pretty, he could easily be considered German from his look alone.I guess that it is a good thing that he is mute, otherwise we would get random bad ass quotes from him all the time, which could get annoying over time.

On a different note, by far my favorite part this episode was when Watashi was molested by her grand father. She went so far back in time that she met her grand father who was so full of energy and so perverted. I knew that her grandfather was a little rough on the edge, but lets just say there is a limit to how confident you should be in life. He was never given a watch, he stole it. He never dated the “girl”, he raped her and groped her before leaving in a hurry. It is really twisted and weird when you realize that your grandfather, who was a child, raped you…and you kind of liked it. Of course, Watashi was surprised and offended by her grandfather’s behavior, but she never said no and never did anything against it, on the contrary she most likely secretly liked the attention, she simply would not allow herself to admit it.

I absolutely loved this episode, it had everything I like about Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita , from the randomness to the deep meanings. I think I have a newfound love for Watashi’s grandfather, I now understand much better why there are so many weapons on his walls. That cowboy now has enough guns to make any little kid happy, you know he has succeeded in life, even with his wild behavior.

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