Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru episode 5: Lonely Genius Sister


The Olympics are over and now we can have another episode of sisterly-harem. It has been so long since the last episode that I nearly forgot that this show was still running. But Shougo is still working on finding is perfect wife in school.

But first, for a cellphone that should have been never distributed and that was never sold anywhere, that prototype cellphone sure found its way everywhere. I can understand that the daughter of the inventor could have got her hand on one, but now there is a second one in a random storage room inside the school. Just how the hell did that end up there? Most likely that phone isn’t even the one that was used by Shougo’s sister to begin with. I think Miyabi’s father did a really lousy job, it is not for nothing that he was fired and that his project never saw the light of day.

That girl is interesting

On a different note, I already knew that Sagara was a special child, but I never believed it was that kind of special. That girl is super intelligent, she published some papers that got her rich and she was able to solve University level equations when she was still in the orphanage? I won’t judge her for her wizard hat and her neko costume anymore. She might be weird and always horny, but for a girl without parents, she managed really for herself.

But I really hope that she is not Shougo’s little sister, because that sister of his is absolutely annoying. I don’t care if you are related to me or not, if you wake me up at 6 a.m every morning I will find you and I will kill you in the most disturbing way possible. It is absolutely cruel to do something like that, I don’t care if Shougo is reading book or masturbating late at night, but it shouldn’t matter, you don’t wake someone at 6 in the morning ! If the fear of dating his little sister was not enough for Shougo to find her, for me being woken up so early every morning would be motivation enough to kidnaps all of them in order to find out who the little sister is.

I think the only other important thing to note this episode is how perverted all the girls are in this show. It seems that no matter what girl Shougo meets, she is trying to get in his pants. I have no idea who is going to win, it is too early to tell anyway. We still have two more girls to meet before we can judge who we like best. But for now, let us be satisfied with the ecchi we were offered with.

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